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Meant to automatically fix your JavaScript errors in a non-destructive way.

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npm install fixmyjs -g


fixmyjs your_file.js


var fixmyjs = require('fixmyjs')
var stringFixedCode = fixmyjs.fix(stringOfCode, objectOfOptions)



When the options are set to true they are enabled. To get a breakdown of what is enabled by default check out package.json

  • camelcase - Converts all identifiers to camelCase
  • curly - Adds curly braces to all statements that don't have them
  • curlyfor - Adds curly braces only to for statements
  • curlyif - Adds curly braces only to if/if-else statements
  • curlywhile - Adds curly braces only to while statements
  • debug - Removes debugger statements
  • decimals - Adds a leading 0 for decimals or removes trailing zero if decimal is whole
  • delete - Removes deletion of variables
  • emptyStatement - Removes empty statements
  • eqeqeq - Enforce strict equality
  • es3 - Enforces parseIntRadix as well as no-comma-dangle
  • hoist - Hoists all your vars to the top of the function
  • initUndefined - Rewrites variable initializations to undefined
  • invalidConstructor - Does not allow you to initialize built-in primitive constructors
  • invokeConstructors - Adds () to any new expressions
  • isNan - Replaces equality to NaN with isNaN
  • multivar - Replace single var with multi line var
  • no-comma-dangle - Removes trailing commas
  • nonew - Removes new when using it for side effects
  • onevar - Make multi var into one var
  • parseIntRadix - Adds a radix parameter to parseInt
  • plusplus - Converts ++ and -- to += 1 || -= 1
  • rmdelete - Removes the deletion of variables
  • rmempty - Removes empty statements
  • snakecase - Convert all identifiers to snake_case
  • sub - Dot notation conversion
  • useLiteral - Rewrites your primitives to use their literal form

Breaking Changes in 2.0

  • Legacy mode has been removed.
  • You now put your config inside package.json. You can check out an example in this project.
  • All rules have been made truthy because having some rules be truthy and others falsy is weird.
  • Option es3 now enables no-comma-dangle as well as new option parseIntRadix.