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    Filepicker javascript client library.


    In order to use filepicker javascript library in your project, you need to include the following script in your HTML:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

    If you want to load the javascript in a non-blocking fashion, you can use this instead:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function(a){if(window.filepicker){return}var b=a.createElement("script");b.type="text/javascript";b.async=!0;b.src=("https:"===a.location.protocol?"https:":"http:")+"//";var c=a.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];c.parentNode.insertBefore(b,c);var d={};d._queue=[];var e="pick,pickMultiple,pickAndStore,read,write,writeUrl,export,convert,store,storeUrl,remove,stat,setKey,constructWidget,makeDropPane".split(",");var f=function(a,b){return function(){b.push([a,arguments])}};for(var g=0;g<e.length;g++){d[e[g]]=f(e[g],d._queue)}window.filepicker=d})(document);

    Script above use latest library release. Assets are compressed (gzipped) and served via CDN. You can also link to specific version.

    See Changelog

    Filepicker library is avaliable via bower Bower friendly repositorium

    $ bower install filepicker-js --save

    And via npm + browserify

    $ npm install filepicker-js --save

    To use it with browseify place in your code:

    var filepickerLibrary = require('filepicker-js');

    Library provide window.filepicker with methods: setKey, pick, pickFolder, pickMultiple, pickAndStore, read, write, writeUrl, export, processImage, store, storeUrl, stat, metadata, remove, convert, constructWidget, makeDropPane. See detailed docs.

    Next thing to do is setting apikey. If you dont have one - register free account here. Setting key is possible in 2 ways:

    • use filepicker.setKey('yourApiKey') method.
    • as widget attribute data-fp-apikey="yourApiKey"


    Contributing welcomed. First install npm dependencies.

    npm install

    To watch changes and build script run:

    npm run watch

    With jshint:

    npm run watch-linter


    1. When updating version be sure to update it in all files:
    1. Set git tag with current version.

    2. Be sure to update npm package version :

    npm publish
    1. And Bower-friendly version of filepicker-js



    Use ansible script to deploy current version for filepicker.

    source ../vagrant/aws/new && ansible-playbook -i env/production/inventory filepicker_api/deploy_js_library_v2.yml
    • optionally to deploy from branch othter than master
    -e emergency_deploy="yes"
    • optionally not to overwrite edge version
    -e edge_version="no"

    It overwrites filepicker.js with current version. It creates versioned files, eg for v2.4.0:


    source ~/.filepicker/aws_new && ansible-playbook -i env/production filestack_api/build_js.yml

    Its working basically the same. The only diffrents is domain and file name it creates.


    npm i filepicker-js

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