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    Validate XML, Parse XML to JS Object, or Build XML from JS Object without C/C++ based libraries and no callback.

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    Main Features

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    • Validate XML data syntactically
    • Parse XML to JS Object
    • Build XML from JS Object
    • Works with node packages, in browser, and in CLI (press try me button above for demo)
    • Faster than any other pure JS implementation.
    • It can handle big files (tested up to 100mb).
    • Controlled parsing using various options
    • XML Entities, HTML entities, and DOCTYPE entites are supported.
    • unpaired tags (Eg <br> in HTML), stop nodes (Eg <script> in HTML) are supported.
    • You can restore almost same XML from JSON
    • Supports comments
    • It can preserve Order of tags in JS object
    • You can control if a single tag should be parsed into array.
    • Supports parsing of PI (Processing Instruction) tags with XML declaration tags
    • And many more other features.

    How to use

    To use as package dependency $ npm install fast-xml-parser or $ yarn add fast-xml-parser

    To use as system command $ npm install fast-xml-parser -g

    To use it on a webpage include it from a CDN


    As CLI command

    $ fxparser some.xml

    In a node js project

    const { XMLParser, XMLBuilder, XMLValidator} = require("../src/fxp");
    const parser = new XMLParser();
    let jObj = parser.parse(XMLdata);
    const builder = new XMLBuilder();
    const xmlContent =;

    In a HTML page

    <script src="path/to/fxp.min.js"></script>
      const parser = new fxparser.XMLParser();

    Check lib folder for different browser bundles

    Bundle Name Size
    fxbuilder.min.js 5.2K
    fxparser.js 50K
    fxparser.min.js 17K
    fxp.min.js 22K
    fxvalidator.min.js 5.7K




    2. XML Parser
    3. XML Builder
    4. XML Validator
    5. Entities
    6. HTML Document Parsing
    7. PI Tag processing


    XML Parser

    Large files

    XML Builder

    negative means error

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