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Validae XML or Parse XML to JS/JSON very fast without C/C++ based libraries and no callback

You can use this library online (press try me button above), or as command from CLI, or in your website, or in npm repo.

  • This library let you validate the XML data syntatically.
  • Or you can transform/covert/parse XML data to JS/JSON object.
  • Or you can transform the XML in traversable JS object which can later be converted to JS/JSON object.

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How to use


$npm install fast-xml-parser

or using yarn

$yarn add fast-xml-parser


var fastXmlParser = require('fast-xml-parser');
var jsonObj = fastXmlParser.parse(xmlData);
// when a tag has attributes 
var options = {
        attrPrefix : "@_",
        textNodeName : "#text",
        ignoreNonTextNodeAttr : true,
        ignoreTextNodeAttr : true,
        ignoreNameSpace : true
if(fastXmlParser.validate(xmlData)=== true){//optional 
    var jsonObj = fastXmlParser.parse(xmlData,options);
//Intermediate obj 
var tObj = fastXmlParser.getTraversalObj(xmlData,options);
var jsonObj = fastXmlParser.convertToJson(tObj);

To use from command line

$xml2js [-ns|-a] <filename> [-o outputfile.json]

To use it on webpage

  1. Download and include parser.js
var isValid = parser.validate(xmlData);
var jsonObj = parser.parse(xmlData);

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I decided to created this library when I couldn't find any library which can convert XML data to json without any callback and which is not based on any C/C++ library.

Liraries that I compared

  • xml-mapping : fast, result is not satisfactory
  • xml2js : fast, result is not satisfactory
  • xml2js-expat : couldn't test performance as it gives error on high load. Instalation failed on traivs and on my local machine using 'yarn'.
  • xml2json : based on node-expat which is based on C/C++. Instalation failed on travis.
  • fast-xml-parser : very very fast.

Why not C/C++ based libraries? Instalation of such libraries fails on some OS. You may require to install missing dependency manually.

Benchmark report npm_xml2json_compare

Don't forget to check the performance report on comparejs.

validator benchmark: 2000 tps


This tool doesn't check if the XML is valid or not. If the XML is not valid you may get invalid result.

Report an issue or request for a feature here

Your contribution in terms of donation, testing, bug fixes, code development etc. can help me to write fast algorithms. Stubmatic donate button

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  • P2: parser online demo with more options
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