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    ⚠️ Deprecated in favour of its complete re-write - please use fantasticon-webpack-plugin instead


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    A Webpack loader that generates fonts from your SVG icons and allows you to use your icons in your HTML.

    fantasticon-loader uses the @ramirezcgn/fantasticon plugin to create fonts in any format. It also generates CSS files so that you can use your icons directly in your HTML, using CSS classes.


    npm install fantasticon-loader --save-dev


    Webpack rule

    Add this rule to your Webpack config:

      test: /\.fantasticonrc\.js/,
      use: [
          loader: 'fantasticon-loader',
          options: {
            runOnComplete: false

    runOnComplete: runs "onComplete" callback if it was added as option.

    Then you have to require the configuration file:

    // entry.js

    Configuration file

    Here's an example .fantasticonrc.js:

    module.exports = {
      inputDir: './icons', // (required)
      outputDir: './dist', // (required)
      fontTypes: ['ttf', 'woff', 'woff2'],
      assetTypes: ['ts', 'css', 'json', 'html'],
      fontsUrl: '/static/fonts',
      formatOptions: {
        // Pass options directly to `svgicons2svgfont`
        woff: {
          // Woff Extended Metadata Block - see
          metadata: '...'
        json: {
          // render the JSON human readable with two spaces indentation (default is none, so minified)
          indent: 2
        ts: {
          // select what kind of types you want to generate (default `['enum', 'constant', 'literalId', 'literalKey']`)
          types: ['constant', 'literalId'],
          // render the types with `'` instead of `"` (default is `"`)
          singleQuotes: true
      // Use a custom Handlebars template
      templates: {
        css: './my-custom-tp.css.hbs'
      pathOptions: {
        ts: './src/types/icon-types.ts',
        json: './misc/icon-codepoints.json'
      codepoints: {
        'chevron-left': 57344, // decimal representation of 0xe000
        'chevron-right': 57345,
        'thumbs-up': 57358,
        'thumbs-down': 57359
      // Customize generated icon IDs (unavailable with `.json` config file)
      getIconId: ({
        basename, // `string` - Example: 'foo';
        relativeDirPath, // `string` - Example: 'sub/dir/foo.svg'
        absoluteFilePath, // `string` - Example: '/var/icons/sub/dir/foo.svg'
        relativeFilePath, // `string` - Example: 'foo.svg'
        index // `number` - Example: `0`
      }) => [index, basename].join('_'), // '0_foo'
      onComplete: (fontConfig) => console.log('complete: ', fontConfig),

    The loader will then generate:

    • CSS with the base and class prefix
    • Font files for the SVG icons

    Configuration options

    See fantasticon#configuration-file


    Copyright (c) 2021 Nicolas Ramirez - Released under the MIT license


    npm i fantasticon-loader

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