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Hyperledger Fabric Client for Node.js

SDK for writing node.js applications to interact with Hyperledger Fabric.

Note: This API is deprecated as of Fabric v2.5. When developing applications for Hyperledger Fabric v2.4 and later, you should use the Fabric Gateway client API.

This package encapsulates the APIs to connect to a Fabric network, submit transactions and perform queries against the ledger, and listen for or replay events.

Additional packages are also provided:

  1. fabric-ca-client, to interact with the fabric-ca to manage user certificates.
  2. fabric-common, encapsulates the common code used by all fabric-sdk-node packages supporting fine grain interactions with the Fabric network to send transaction invocations.
  3. fabric-protos, encapsulates the Protocol Buffer files and generated JavaScript classes for Hyperledger Fabric.

For application developer documentation, please visit hyperledger.github.io/fabric-sdk-node/

Sample Node.js client applications can be found in the Asset Transfer samples within the fabric-samples repository.

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npm i fabric-network

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