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    Hyperledger Fabric Client for Node.js

    SDK for writing node.js applications to interact with Hyperledger Fabric.

    Note: When developing applications for Hyperledger Fabric v2.4 and later, you are strongly encouraged to use the Fabric Gateway client API.

    This package encapsulates the APIs to connect to a Fabric network, submit transactions and perform queries against the ledger, and listen for or replay events.

    Additional packages are also provided:

    1. fabric-ca-client, to interact with the fabric-ca to manage user certificates.
    2. fabric-common, encapsulates the common code used by all fabric-sdk-node packages supporting fine grain interactions with the Fabric network to send transaction invocations.
    3. fabric-protos, encapsulates the Protocol Buffer files and generated JavaScript classes for Hyperledger Fabric.

    For application developer documentations, please visit hyperledger.github.io/fabric-sdk-node/

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