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Allows an Eye-Fi card to post images directly to your node.js-application.



git clone git://github.com/usefulthink/node-eyefi.git
cd node-eyefi && npm install .

As a module

npm install eyefi


  • you'll obviously need an Eye-Fi card. Amazon has these.
  • connect the eye-fi card to your computer and run the setup found on the card (on linux you might want to try Dave Hansen's eyefi-config found here: http://goo.gl/D3UVy)
  • the card should be configured to use your network with the TransferRelay mode (and any other fancy-pants feature) turned off
  • test it with the software provided.
  • make sure that the card is in the same network (and network-segment, i.e. can send packets to) as your computer.
  • close the eye-fi helper and manager.
  • Locate the Settings.xml-File (Windows: \Users\<username>\Application Data\Eye-Fi\Settings.xml, OS-X: ~/Library/Eye-Fi/Settings.xml) to find out the cards mac-address and uploadKey

Running standalone

# create a file named config.json (just copy the config.json.sample)
cp config.json.sample config.json

# edit config.json and enter your cards mac-address and uploadKey

# start the server
node standalone.js

now take a photo to see if it's working.

Integrate into your own project

Integration is possible, and not really complicated. It basically just works (or maybe doesn't) and emits an imageReceived-Event whenever the upload of an image is completed. Additionally, you may listen for uploadProgress-events which are fired during the file-upload.

By default, logging will print error-messages to the console. This is something I'm working on. (If you want to customize logging, the only way for now is to create your own logger-instance (see standalone.js))

var eyefi = require('eyefi');

var eyefiServer = eyefi({
    uploadPath : '/where/uploaded/files/are/stored',
    cards : {
        '<macaddress>': {
            uploadKey: '<uploadKey>'

eyefiServer.on('imageReceived', function(data) {
    console.log('received an image: ' + data.filename);

eyefiServer.on('uploadProgress', function(progress) {
    console.log( (100*progress.received/progress.expected).toFixed(2) + '% complete');

Doesn't work?

Shit happens. File an issue or drop me a line. I'll see what I can do.

Dive deeper?

If you want to undestand what is really going on behind the scenes, you could start here:


Inspired by prior work of Sebastian Hoitz and Thomas Schaaf – their project (http://goo.gl/HOxO2) gave me some insights and was some kind of starting-point for me.

Also, thanks to all the people who dissected the eye-fi cards and the protocols.




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