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    Extension CLI

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    Extension CLI is a command-line application that facilitates chromium∗-based web extension development by providing a systematic way to build, test and document extension projects. It handles the project setup and builds and lets you focus on the extension you are creating.


    • 🖥️   Javascript Bundling — Compiles, bundles and minifies javascript files

    • 🎨   CSS Bundling — Compiles, bundles, and minifies CSS and SASS files

    • 💄   Linting — lint JavaScript using ESLint

    • 📦   ZIP Generation — Generates a .zip file for publishing

    • 📝   Document Source Code — Generates code documentation using JSDoc

    • ⚗️   Unit Testing — Provides a unit test environment preloaded with mocha, chai and sinon-chrome

    • ⚔️   Cross-Browser Compatibility - develop extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Brave.

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    Getting Started

    Note: Using this CLI assumes you have Node.js installed. If you do not, you can install it here.

    Create new extension project
    npx extension-cli
    Add to an existing project
    npm install extension-cli

    Commands Reference

    Command Description
    xt-build Run builds; env flags: -e prod and -e dev
    xt-test Run unit tests
    xt-docs Generate docs
    xt-sync Update project config files to match the latest defaults supplied by this CLI
    xt-clean Remove automatically generated files

    Read the Docs

       User Guide →

    CLI Developer Guide

    If you are interested in extending this project or forking see this guide →


    After developing multiple browser extensions, it became clear that there are several steps in the development process that stay the same between every project.

    Instead of setting up these tasks individually for each project, it made more sense to combine everything in a utility tool that could be shared between projects.

    This approach helps with creating a common, consistent development approach between multiple projects, reduces time to get started, and makes it easier to update build tools and scripts across multiple projects as many npm packages inevitably need to be updated (frequently!).

    Issues & Feature Requests: Submit on Github

    Maker: made by developers behind several popular extensions!

    License: MIT


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