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node.js utility for exporting a directory of files as modules.

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Install with npm (requires Node.js >=10):

$ npm install --save export-files

Heads up!

Currently this library only works with require.


Specify the directory with files to export:


Given that __dirname has three files, a.js, b.js, and c.js:

module.exports = require('export-files')(__dirname);
//=> { a: [getter], b: [getter], c: [getter] }

The second argment may be an object to intialize with. This is useful when you want to use export-files to extend an existing object.

const utils = {};
utils.doSomething = () => {};
module.exports = require('export-files')(__dirname, utils);
//=> { doSomething: [function], a: [getter], b: [getter], c: [getter] }



Directories to ignore.

Type: string|array

Default: ['.git', 'node_modules', 'test', 'tmp', 'temp', 'vendor']


The following examples shows how to override the default values and, in this case, not ignore any directories.

const requires = require('export-files');
module.exports = requires(__dirname, undefined, { ignoreDirs: [] });


Recurse into child directories.

Type: boolean

Default: false


const requires = require('export-files');
module.exports = requires(__dirname, undefined, { recursive: true });


Function to exclude files from the result.

Type: function

Default: Excludes files named index.js


const requires = require('export-files');
module.exports = requires(__dirname, undefined, file => file.name !== 'a.js');


Modify the casing of keys for exported files.

Type: string, array<string>, or function

.case may be defined as a function to use custom casing on exported names.

If defined as an array or string, valid values are any of the following:

  • stem - the file name without modification, excluding file extension
  • name - alias for stem
  • basename - the full file name, including file extension
  • pascal - pasacal case stem, useful for class names
  • camel - camel case stem
  • lower - lower case stem
  • snake - snake case stem
  • auto - (default) attempts to automatically determine casing when exports might be a mixture of casings, like class names and camel case method names.

You may define multiple cases.

Default: auto


const requires = require('export-files');
module.exports = requires(__dirname, undefined, { case: ['camel', 'pascal'] });


v3.0.0 - breaking changes

  • Improvements were made to support recursion and renaming keys. See readme for more details and available options.

v0.2.0 - breaking changes

  • Non-javascript files are no longer handled. That functionality was moved to to-exports. This decision was made to keep this lib as fast as possible.
  • This library no longer takes any arguments besides the directory to read.



Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

Running Tests

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$ npm install && npm test
Building docs

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