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    expensive is a client to check domain availability, obtain WHOIS information, register domains, update DNS hosts and control domains' name servers via the CLI. It allows to login using 2-factor authentication and white-list IP addresses without having to use the web interface. The package uses the API and Web API libraries to make requests.

    Package Manager Command
    Yarn yarn global add expensive
    Npm npm i -g expensive

    Expensive Demo Of Registering A Domain Name In CLI

    Table Of Contents


    Upon the first run the program will ask a series of questions:

    Username: <namecheap-username>
    Api key <api key>
    Client ip []: <the ip>
    Last 3 digit of phone to use for 2 factor auth: <055>

    After they've been answered, expensive will remember the answers and store them in the .expensiverc file in the home directory (or .expensive-sandboxrc), and use this data for all calls to the API.

    Client IP is required for requests, but if not given, it will be acquired automatically each time prior to calls.

    The last 3 digits will be used to during the second-stage of the 2-factor web auth required to white-list unknown IP addresses.


    To use the sandbox version of the app for testing, either the SANDBOX environmental variable needs to be set, or --sandbox or -s flags should be passed.


    The program can be used from the terminal.

    expensive -h
    A CLI application to access domain name registrar API.
        domains           The domain name for operations, or multiple domain names
                          for checking availability.
        --init, -I        Initialise package configuration interactively, i.e.,
                          the API key and ip address.
        --info, -i        Show the information for the domain.
        --register, -r    Register the domain.
        --whois, -w       Display brief WHOIS data.
        --Whois           Display full WHOIS data.
        --coupon          Find this month's coupon.
        --sandbox, -s     Use the sandbox API.
        --whitelistIP, -W Add current IP address to the list of white-listed ones.
        --version, -v     Display the current version number.
        --help, -h        Show help information.
    expensive --info
    Display the information about the domain on the account.
    Also displays DNS hosts if using Namecheap's DNS.
    Print the list of domains belonging to the account.
        --sort, -S     Sort by this field (name, expire, create).
        --desc, -D     Sort in descending order.
        --filter, -F   Filter by this word.
        --pageSize, -P The page size.
        --type, -T     Domain type (ALL, EXPIRING, EXPIRED).
    expensive [--record A] [--TXT|A|CNAME|address] [--host "*"]...
    Manipulate DNS Records.
        --record        The record type. Can be one of the following:
                        A, AAAA, ALIAS, CAA, CNAME, MX, MXE,
                        NS, TXT, URL, URL301, FRAME.
        --TXT, -TXT     Add a TXT record with this address to the domain.
                        Alias for --record TXT --address <TXT>.
        --A, -A         Add an A record with this address to the domain.
                        Alias for --record A --address <A>.
        --CNAME, -CNAME Add a CNAME record with this address to the domain.
                        --record CNAME --address <CNAME>.
        --ttl           When adding host records, sets the _TTL_.
                        By default, namecheap sets 1800.
        --host          The host name for adding dns records.
                        Default: @.
        --address       The address of the new host record.
        --mxpref        MX preference for hosts. Applicable to MX records only.
        --github, -g    Setup GitHub pages for the apex domain as per docs
               Also removes the parking page
                        and URL redirect. All other hosts are kept itact.
        --delete, -d    Remove the specified host record.
    expensive -r [-p PROMO]
    Register the domain name. Expensive will attempt to find the promo
    code online, and compare its price to the normal price.
        --promo, -p Use this promo code on registration.
        --years, -y The number of years that the domain should be registered for.
    expensive domain| [] [-f] [-z app,page]
    Check domains for availability. When no TLD is given,
    com, net, org, biz, co, cc, io, bz, nu, app, page are checked.
        --free, -f  Display only free domains.
        --zones, -z Check in these zones only.
    Command Meaning Wiki
    expensive List all domains. 📜List Domains
    expensive hello world Check domain(s)' availability. Check Availability
    expensive -i Display information about a domain associated with the account. ℹ️Domain Information
    expensive -w Request WHOIS data. 👁Show Whois
    expensive -r Register a domain name. 💵Registration
    expensive --init Initialises or updates settings such as API key. 🔏Initialise Config
    expensive --github Updates hosts records to include GitHub apex records. GitHub Pages
    expensive --version Print version. Version
    expensive --help Show help. Usage

    Result Log

    A log of search queries and found free domains is written to HOMEDIR/.expensive.log.


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