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executioner NPM Module

Executes provided shell commands with supplied arguments. Supports parallel and templated commands.

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Notice of change of ownership: Starting version 1.0.0 this package has changed it's owner and goals. Old version (0.0.1) is still available on npm via npm install executioner@0.0.1. Thank you.


npm install --save executioner


var executioner = require('executioner');

Simple command:

executioner('echo A', {}, function(err, result)
  assert.equal(result, 'A');

Combined command:

executioner(['echo A', 'echo B', 'echo C'], {}, function(err, result)
  assert.deepEqual(result, ['A', 'B', 'C']);

Parameterized command:

executioner(['echo A-${abc}', 'echo B-${abc}', 'echo C-${xyz}', 'echo D-${xyz}'], {abc: '123', xyz: '789'}, function(err, result)
  assert.deepEqual(result, ['A-123', 'B-123', 'C-789', 'D-789']);

Named list of commands:

executioner({'Letter A': 'echo A', 'Letter B': 'echo B', 'Letter C': 'echo C'}, {}, function(err, result)
  assert.deepEqual(result, ['Letter A: A', 'Letter B: B', 'Letter C: C']);

Prefixed commands:

executioner(['A', 'B', 'C'], {}, {cmdPrefix: 'echo prefixed'}, function(err, result)
  assert.deepEqual(result, ['prefixed A', 'prefixed B', 'prefixed C']);

Non-string parameters:

executioner(['echo A:${ok}:', 'echo B:${no}:', 'echo C:${nay}:', 'echo D:${never}:'], {ok: true, no: false, nay: null, never: undefined}, function(err, result)
  assert.deepEqual(result, ['A:1:', 'B::', 'C::', 'D::']);

Error messaging:

executioner('echo ABC && echo XYZ 1>&2 && false', {}, function(err, result)
  assert.equal(err.message, 'Command failed: echo ABC && echo XYZ 1>&2 && false\nXYZ');
  assert.equal(err.stdout, 'ABC');
  assert.equal(err.stderr, 'XYZ');
  assert.equal(result, undefined);

Job termination:

var job = executioner('echo ABC; sleep 5; echo XYZ', {}, function(err, result)
  // Partial output 
  assert.equal(result, 'ABC');
}, 100);

For more examples check out tests/tests.json.


Executioner is released under the MIT license.