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Executes shell commands synchronously.

Works on Windows


Simplifies build scripts.

Express 3 has asynchronous templates and helper functions are synchronous. Some of my helper functions invoke compilers with async interfaces. I use this library in DEVELOPMENT mode to precompile files on the fly through the command line.

NOT RECOMMENDED on production servers.


npm install execSync


Require it

var execSync = require('execSync');

Execute shell commands. exec interlaces stdout and stderr to result.stdout.

var result = execSync.exec('echo $USER; echo some_err 1>&2; exit 1');
console.log('return code ' + result.code);
console.log('stdout + stderr ' + result.stdout);

Legacy helper functions

Capture STDOUT

var user = execSync.stdout('echo $USER');
console.log('Hello ' + user);

Get result code

var code = execSync.code('echo $HOME');
console.log('result ' + code);


Copyright (c) 2012, 2013 Mario Gutierrez

See the file LICENSE for copying permission.