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Claudia API Builder

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Claudia API Builder makes it possible to use AWS API Gateway as if it were a lightweight JavaScript web server, so it helps developers get started easily and reduces the learning curve required to launch web APIs in AWS. Check out this video to see how to create and deploy an API in under 5 minutes.

Claudia.js Introduction Video

The API Builder helps you by:

  • setting up AWS API Gateway Web interfaces for Lambda projects easily, the way JavaScript developers expect out of the box
  • routing multiple AWS API Gateway end-points to a single Lambda function, so that you can develop and deploy an entire API simpler and avoid inconsistencies.
  • handling synchronous responses or asynchronous promises, so you can develop easier
  • configuring response content types and HTTP codes easily
  • enabling you to set-up post-install configuration steps, so that you can set up the deployments easier

The API builder is designed to work with Claudia, and add minimal overhead to client projects.

Simple example

var ApiBuilder = require('claudia-api-builder'),
    api = new ApiBuilder(),
    superb = require('superb');
module.exports = api;
api.get('/greet', function (request) {
    return request.queryString.name + ' is ' + superb();

For a more examples, see the Web API Example Projects

Getting started

  • Check out the Getting Started guide for a basic Hello-World style example
  • Check out the API Documentation for a detailed guide on handling requests, customising responses and configuring your API

Questions, suggestions?

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/claudiajs/claudia



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