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Getting started with Ewizard CLI

Software requirements

  1. First you need to install the Node.js platform from official site. The lowest required version is 8.9.1

  2. Please install Git then.

Installing Ewizard CLI

After installing Node.js you will be able to use NPM (Node Package Manager). Install Ewizard CLI using NPM:

npm install -g ewizard-cli

If you wonder how to develop e-Detailing content with the use of eWizard CLI, visit our documentation site.


Enter the command below to authorize:

wiz login

The authorization form will be opened in your browser

Enter your login and password

Then click on the "sign in" button

Congratulations! You are logged in!


Use a built-in generator to create the initial project structure and install all dependencies:

wiz init

After successful project creation you will be able to use other Ewizard CLI commands.


wiz install command is used to fetch and install components and project dependencies. It is using NPM mechanisms inside.

Execute the command below to install the component from this list:

wiz install [component-name]


Local build

Execute the command below to build a project:

wiz dev

If you don't want to build your project manually every time there is a change, use command above with --watch option. It will force Ewizard CLI to watch all your files and build the project automatically.

wiz dev --watch


npm i ewizard-cli

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