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    Essential Typescript Utils!

    Essential Typescript utils is a collection of useful common used Javascript utilities written in Typescript.

    You have a nice utility? Great! Contribute by sending a Pull Request!

    📄 The current list

    Utils Description
    average calculate the average of a number array
    emojiKiller remove all emojis from a string
    groupBy group an array by a property
    pad add padding zero's to a number: 7 > 07
    parseJson parse json string safely with a try catch
    sum sum values: 1 + 1 = 2
    ucfirst uppercase the first character of a string

    🎉 How to use

    import { sum, pad } from 'essential-ts-utils'
    const total = sum(5, 4)
    const padded = pad(7, 2)
    console.log('The total of 5 + 4 equals ', total)
    console.log('The zero padded value equals ', padded)

    Contribution information about the tech stack

    🚩 Linting


    Nicer code with prettier!


    You might want to remove or customize Commitlint. Commitlint checks if your commit messages meet the conventional commit format. But in case you are using JIRA you might want to have a different commit message structure, example and another

    To launch the commit helper:

    yarn commit

    🚀 Typescript

    This project is written to typescript. If you aren't that familiar with typescript this cheatsheet is a great resource to get familiar.

    🌲 Tree Shakeable

    Tree shaking is a method of optimising our code bundles by eliminating any code from the final file that isn’t actually being used. When using these utils you are garanteed that you will only import the functions you actually use in your code. Resulting in a smaller bundle size!

    This is especially important for people like me who have BundlePhobia.


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