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    eslint-plugin-yml is ESLint plugin provides linting rules for YAML.

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    📛 Features

    This ESLint plugin provides linting rules for YAML.

    • You can use ESLint to lint YAML.
    • You can find out the problem with your YAML files.
    • You can apply consistent code styles to your YAML files.
    • Supports Vue SFC custom blocks such as <i18n lang="yaml">.
      Requirements vue-eslint-parser v7.3.0 and above.
    • Supports ESLint directives. e.g. # eslint-disable-next-line
    • You can check your code in real-time using the ESLint editor integrations.

    You can check on the Online DEMO.

    How is it different from other YAML plugins?

    Plugins that do not use AST

    e.g. eslint-plugin-yaml

    These plugins use the processor to parse and return the results independently, without providing the ESLint engine with AST and source code text.

    Plugins don't provide AST, so you can't use directive comments (e.g. # eslint-disable).
    Plugins don't provide source code text, so you can't use it with plugins and rules that use text (e.g. eslint-plugin-prettier, eol-last).

    eslint-plugin-yml works by providing AST and source code text to ESLint.

    📖 Documentation

    See documents.

    💿 Installation

    npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-plugin-yml


    • ESLint v6.0.0 and above
    • Node.js v14.17.x, v16.x and above

    📖 Usage


    Use .eslintrc.* file to configure rules. See also:

    Example .eslintrc.js:

    module.exports = {
      extends: [
        // add more generic rulesets here, such as:
        // 'eslint:recommended',
      rules: {
        // override/add rules settings here, such as:
        // 'yml/rule-name': 'error'

    This plugin provides configs:

    • plugin:yml/base ... Configuration to enable correct YAML parsing.
    • plugin:yml/recommended ... Above, plus rules to prevent errors or unintended behavior.
    • plugin:yml/standard ... Above, plus rules to enforce the common stylistic conventions.
    • plugin:yml/prettier ... Turn off rules that may conflict with Prettier.

    See the rule list to get the rules that this plugin provides.

    Parser Configuration

    If you have specified a parser, you need to configure a parser for .yaml.

    For example, if you are using the "@babel/eslint-parser", configure it as follows:

    module.exports = {
      // ...
      extends: ["plugin:yml/standard"],
      // ...
      parser: "@babel/eslint-parser",
      // Add an `overrides` section to add a parser configuration for YAML.
      overrides: [
          files: ["*.yaml", "*.yml"],
          parser: "yaml-eslint-parser",
      // ...

    Parser Options

    The following parser options for yaml-eslint-parser are available by specifying them in parserOptions in the ESLint configuration file.

    module.exports = {
      // ...
      overrides: [
          files: ["*.yaml", "*.yml"],
          parser: "yaml-eslint-parser",
          // Options used with yaml-eslint-parser.
          parserOptions: {
            defaultYAMLVersion: "1.2",
      // ...

    See also

    Running ESLint from the command line

    If you want to run eslint from the command line, make sure you include the .yaml extension using the --ext option or a glob pattern, because ESLint targets only .js files by default.


    eslint --ext .js,.yaml,.yml src
    eslint "src/**/*.{js,yaml,yml}"

    💻 Editor Integrations

    Visual Studio Code

    Use the dbaeumer.vscode-eslint extension that Microsoft provides officially.

    You have to configure the eslint.validate option of the extension to check .yaml files, because the extension targets only *.js or *.jsx files by default.

    Example .vscode/settings.json:

      "eslint.validate": ["javascript", "javascriptreact", "yaml"]

    JetBrains WebStorm IDEs

    In any of the JetBrains IDEs you can configure the linting scope. Following the steps in their help document, you can add YAML files to the scope like so:

    1. Open the Settings/Preferences dialog, go to Languages and Frameworks | JavaScript | Code Quality Tools | ESLint, and select Automatic ESLint configuration or Manual ESLint configuration.
    2. In the Run for files field, update the pattern that defines the set of files to be linted to include YAML files as well:
                                     ^^^^ ^^^


    The --fix option on the command line automatically fixes problems reported by rules which have a wrench 🔧 below.
    The rules with the following star are included in the config.

    YAML Rules

    Rule ID Description Fixable RECOMMENDED STANDARD
    yml/block-mapping-colon-indicator-newline enforce consistent line breaks after : indicator 🔧
    yml/block-mapping-question-indicator-newline enforce consistent line breaks after ? indicator 🔧
    yml/block-mapping require or disallow block style mappings. 🔧
    yml/block-sequence-hyphen-indicator-newline enforce consistent line breaks after - indicator 🔧
    yml/block-sequence require or disallow block style sequences. 🔧
    yml/file-extension enforce YAML file extension
    yml/indent enforce consistent indentation 🔧
    yml/key-name-casing enforce naming convention to key names
    yml/no-empty-document disallow empty document
    yml/no-empty-key disallow empty mapping keys
    yml/no-empty-mapping-value disallow empty mapping values
    yml/no-empty-sequence-entry disallow empty sequence entries
    yml/no-tab-indent disallow tabs for indentation.
    yml/plain-scalar require or disallow plain style scalar. 🔧
    yml/quotes enforce the consistent use of either double, or single quotes 🔧
    yml/require-string-key disallow mapping keys other than strings
    yml/sort-keys require mapping keys to be sorted 🔧
    yml/sort-sequence-values require sequence values to be sorted 🔧
    yml/vue-custom-block/no-parsing-error disallow parsing errors in Vue custom blocks

    Extension Rules

    Rule ID Description Fixable RECOMMENDED STANDARD
    yml/flow-mapping-curly-newline enforce consistent line breaks inside braces 🔧
    yml/flow-mapping-curly-spacing enforce consistent spacing inside braces 🔧
    yml/flow-sequence-bracket-newline enforce linebreaks after opening and before closing flow sequence brackets 🔧
    yml/flow-sequence-bracket-spacing enforce consistent spacing inside flow sequence brackets 🔧
    yml/key-spacing enforce consistent spacing between keys and values in mapping pairs 🔧
    yml/no-irregular-whitespace disallow irregular whitespace
    yml/no-multiple-empty-lines disallow multiple empty lines 🔧
    yml/spaced-comment enforce consistent spacing after the # in a comment 🔧

    🚀 To Do More Verification

    Verify using JSON Schema

    You can verify using JSON Schema by checking and installing eslint-plugin-json-schema-validator.

    Verify the Vue I18n message resource files

    You can verify the message files by checking and installing @intlify/eslint-plugin-vue-i18n.

    🚥 Semantic Versioning Policy

    eslint-plugin-yml follows Semantic Versioning and ESLint's Semantic Versioning Policy.

    🍻 Contributing

    Welcome contributing!

    Please use GitHub's Issues/PRs.

    Development Tools

    • npm test runs tests and measures coverage.
    • npm run update runs in order to update readme and recommended configuration.

    Working With Rules

    This plugin uses yaml-eslint-parser for the parser. Check here to find out about AST.

    👫 Related Packages

    🔒 License

    See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).


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