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    ESLint rules for TestCafe from the TestCafe community.

    What does it do?

    This project provides the global variables fixture & test for your ESLint configuration which are specific variables for TestCafe. The recommended configuration enables common rules for best practices when writing tests for TestCafe. The rule descriptions are provided in the table below.

    If you use other test suites (Jest/Mocha), make sure to read the compatibility notes at the bottom.


    You'll first need to install ESLint:

    npm i eslint --save-dev

    Next, install eslint-plugin-testcafe-community:

    npm install eslint-plugin-testcafe-community --save-dev

    Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-testcafe-community globally.

    Recommended configuration

    This plugin export a recommended configuration that enforce good practices.

    To enable this configuration use the extends property in your .eslintrc config file:

        "plugins": ["testcafe-community"],
        "extends": "plugin:testcafe-community/recommended"

    You may review our example TS/JS package embedded in this repository for an example configuration and plugin testing.

    See ESLint documentation for more information about extending configuration files.

    Supported Rules

    ✔️ indicates that a rule is recommended for all users.

    🛠 indicates that a rule is fixable.

    Name ✔️ 🛠 Description
    missing-expect ✔️ Ensure tests have at least one expect.
    no-debug ✔️ t.debug() should not exist permanently, use only for debugging of a test failure.
    no-disabled-tests ✔️ Prevent tests from being disabled by fixture.skip() or test.skip() and forgotten.
    no-duplicate-titles ✔️ All test case titles should be unique.
    no-focused-tests ✔️ Don't allow a single test or fixture to take all the focus.



    This eslint-plugin-testcafe-community plugin was a fork from the original eslint-plugin-testcafe project, which has not seen an update since December 2016 (v0.2.1). You do not need to install both packages. This package is an expanded replacement for the original.

    eslint-plugin-jest & eslint-plugin-mocha

    Due to the similarities between Test-Driven Development (TDD) terminology supported by both Jest & Mocha and the matching terminology for TestCafe's API, you may run into lint confusion errors. This likely happens when your repository includes both Jest/Mocha for unit tests and TestCafe for End-to-End (E2E) tests.

    You have a couple solutions to avoid these issues:

    1. [RECOMMENDED] Top-level directory overrides. ESLint configurations work best with a bare minimum base configuration and then specific overrides entries per additional plugin configuration you need to add.

      This is the recommendation since it best conforms to the conventions of these frameworks. Jest recommends unit testing code is always nearest to the code it is testing in multiple __tests__ directories following the file tree your src or lib directories. Since E2E tests are written from a higher level abstraction without regard for how the code actually works, it is best to keep these files at a project root level tests folder. In relation to your eslintrc definition, it is easiest to maintain by defining all the overrides at the top level so that it is easier to debug issues. If you want to share the *.test.{ts,js} filename convention, then you should consider the excludedFiles directive for specific directories (similar to #3).

      A such configuration would look something like this:

      // <project_root>/.eslintrc.js
      module.exports = {
          root: true,
          ignorePatterns: ["*.json"],
          // These would affect all files. Note that overrides are combined not replaced
          // extends:[]
          // plugins:[]
          overrides: [
                  // For Typescript
                  files: ["*.ts"],
                  parser: "@typescript-eslint/parser",
                  parserOptions: {
                      project: "tsconfig.eslint.json", // Custom lint-only config
                      sourceType: "module"
                  plugins: ["@typescript-eslint"],
                  extends: [
                  // TS/JS unit tests (inherits any matches from above)
                  // Make sure this entry is specific enough (through regex or excludedFiles)
                  // not to match the same files as the e2e files
                  files: ["*.spec.{js,ts}", "**/__tests__/**.{js,ts}"],
                  env: {
                      "jest/globals": true
                  extends: ["plugin:jest/recommended", "plugin:jest/style"],
                  plugins: ["jest"]
                  // Typescript/JavaScript e2e tests (inherits from any matches above)
                  files: ["tests/**.test.{js,ts}"],
                  excludedFiles: ["src/**", "lib/**"],
                  extends: ["plugin:testcafe-community/recommended"],
                  plugins: ["testcafe-community"]
    2. Filename filters. Use a file naming convention to distinguish the difference between a unit test and an E2E test. Configure ESLint via overrides entry to only apply the jest/mocha plugins to *.spec.ts and testcafe-community plugin rules to *.test.js files.

    3. Single directory configuration. Creates a separate folder to house all your TestCafe specific tests usually at the root level of the project. In this directory, create another .eslintrc configuration file that defines an override entry for the files in this directory and loads the testcafe-community plugin/extension.


    PR's & Issue contributions welcome! Please adhere to contributing guidelines or your submission will be closed or delayed.


    npm i eslint-plugin-testcafe-community

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