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This repo is a WIP.

Eventually, it will contain ESLint versions of the rules in the rxjs-tslint-rules package.


Install the ESLint TypeScript parser using npm:

npm install @typescript-eslint/parser --save-dev

Install the package using npm:

npm install eslint-plugin-rxjs --save-dev

Configure the parser and the parserOptions for ESLint. Here, I use a .eslintrc.js file for the configuration:

const { join } = require("path");
module.exports = {
  parser: "@typescript-eslint/parser",
  parserOptions: {
    ecmaVersion: 2019,
    project: join(__dirname, "./tsconfig.json"),
    sourceType: "module"
  plugins: ["rxjs"],
  extends: [],
  rules: {
    "rxjs/no-async-subscribe": "error",
    "rxjs/no-ignored-observable": "error",
    "rxjs/no-ignored-subscription": "error",
    "rxjs/no-nested-subscribe": "error",
    "rxjs/no-unbound-methods": "error",
    "rxjs/throw-error": "error"


The package includes the following rules:

Rule Description Recommended
ban-observables Forbids the use of banned observables. TBD
ban-operators Forbids the use of banned operators. TBD
finnish Enforces the use of Finnish notation. TBD
just Enforces the use of a just alias for of. TBD
no-async-subscribe Forbids passing async functions to subscribe. TBD
no-compat Forbids importation from locations that depend upon rxjs-compat. TBD
no-connectable Forbids operators that return connectable observables. TBD
no-create Forbids the calling of Observable.create. TBD
no-explicit-generics Forbids explicit generic type arguments. TBD
no-exposed-subjects Forbids exposed (i.e. non-private) subjects. TBD
no-finnish Forbids the use of Finnish notation. TBD
no-ignored-error Forbids the calling of subscribe without specifying an error handler. TBD
no-ignored-notifier Forbids observables not composed from the repeatWhen or retryWhen notifier. TBD
no-ignored-observable Forbids the ignoring of observables returned by functions. TBD
no-ignored-replay-buffer Forbids using ReplaySubject, publishReplay or shareReplay without specifying the buffer size. TBD
no-ignored-subscribe Forbids the calling of subscribe without specifying arguments. TBD
no-ignored-subscription Forbids ignoring the subscription returned by subscribe. TBD
no-ignored-takewhile-value Forbids ignoring the value within takeWhile. TBD
no-implicit-any-catch Like the no-implicit-any-catch rule in @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin, but for the catchError operator instead of catch clauses. TBD
no-index Forbids the importation from index modules - for the reason, see this issue. TBD
no-internal Forbids the importation of internals. TBD
no-nested-subscribe Forbids the calling of subscribe within a subscribe callback. TBD
no-redundant-notify Disallows redundant notifications from completed or errored observables. TBD
no-sharereplay Forbids using the shareReplay operator. TBD
no-subclass Forbids subclassing RxJS classes. TBD
no-subject-unsubscribe Forbids calling the unsubscribe method of a subject instance. TBD
no-subject-value Forbids accessing the value property of a BehaviorSubject instance. TBD
no-tap Forbids the use of the tap operator. TBD
no-topromise Forbids the use of the toPromise method. TBD
no-unbound-methods Forbids the passing of unbound methods. TBD
no-unsafe-catch Forbids unsafe catchError usage in effects and epics. TBD
no-unsafe-first Forbids unsafe first/take usage in effects and epics. TBD
no-unsafe-subject-next Forbids unsafe optional next calls. TBD
no-unsafe-switchmap Forbids unsafe switchMap usage in effects and epics. TBD
no-unsafe-takeuntil Forbids the application of operators after takeUntil. TBD
prefer-observer Forbids the passing separate callbacks to subscribe and tap. TBD
suffix-subjects Enforces the use of a suffix in subject identifiers. TBD
throw-error Enforces the passing of Error values to error notifications. TBD


npm i eslint-plugin-rxjs

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