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ESLint plugin which disallows each ECMAScript syntax.

🏁 Goal

Espree, the default parser of ESLint, has supported ecmaVersion option. However, the error messages of new syntax are not readable (e.g., "unexpected token" or something like).

When we use this plugin along with the latest ecmaVersion option value, it tells us the readable error message for the new syntax, such as "ES2020 BigInt is forbidden." Plus, this plugin lets us disable each syntactic feature individually.

📖 Usage

See documentation

🚥 Semantic Versioning Policy

This plugin follows semantic versioning and ESLint's semantic versioning policy.

  • We will release a new minor version to add new rules when TC39 decided to advance proposals to Stage 4. In the minor releases, we don't update configs.
  • We will release a new major version to update configs when new ECMAScript snapshots are available.

📰 Changelog

See releases.

❤️ Contributing

Welcome contributing!

Please use GitHub's Issues/PRs.

Development Tools

  • npm test runs tests and measures coverage.
  • npm run clean removes the coverage result of npm test command.
  • npm run coverage shows the coverage result of the last npm test command.
  • npm run docs:build builds documentation.
  • npm run docs:watch builds documentation on each file change.
  • npm run watch runs tests on each file change.

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