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Multiplex eslint results and merge results for common files

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ESLint helper to combine multiple eslint results and then merge those results for common files to count message occurences.


yarn add --dev eslint-multiplexer


You can either pipe the results from eslint, prefix your eslint command or provide a JSON string as cli option

Use with CLI option

$ eslint-multiplexer -b -i "<json-string-with-results>"

Pipe from eslint

If you pipe the results directly from eslint you have to specify json as the format

$ eslint -f json lib1 lib2 lib3 | eslint-multiplexer [options]

Prefix eslint

Its not necessary to specify json as the format when prefixing eslint

$ eslint-multiplexer eslint | eslint-multiplexer -b eslint

Although the above works and there is nothing wrong with it, for better readability its advised to pipe a third time. That way if you use this in a yarn or npm script the extra options you supply on the yarn/npm command are supplied to eslint-multiplexer and not to eslint

$ eslint-multiplexer eslint lib1 | eslint-multiplexer eslint lib2 | eslint-multiplexer -m "([^./]+)\.js"

Similar filename matching

You can either use -b to match files by their basename or use -m to specify a regex. All joined matches of the regex will be used as the common filename.

If you need to use a group in your regex but dont want to match it, mark the group as non-capturing with ?:

For example, if you have paths like:


and you wish to combine all the index.js files, use this regex:


then the common name for all three files will be


Keep calm and carry on

When you start combining results of a lot of files, the sheer volume can become quite overwhelming. Especially when you are linting template files by their generated output files, as each output file can have different line numbers for the same error. Use the threshold options and show-source option to keep a clear overview and steadily work your way through by starting with the most occuring errors

Threshold options

The factor of how many times a message occured for all the file occurences. E.g. when a message is triggered in 2 out of 3 files and you set a threshold of 0.7, the message is not above the threshold (0.66 < 0.7).


Specify a decimal between 0 and 1 to indicate the threshold for messages. The usage of this option will differ per formatter, e.g. in stylish messages below the threshold will be shown dimmed.


Just hide all messages below the threshold.

Show source

Use -s or --show-source to display the (first) source of where the message was triggered. This is especially useful when linting generated templates as the line number of the generated file will most likely not be the same as the line number in the template.


Currently eslint-multiplexer supports json and stylish formatters. The default eslint formatters could still be used but wont show message occurences, which is what this is all about more or less.

Other formatters can be implemented quite easily, PR's are very welcome for that!

Command-line options

        Combine multiple eslint results and merge results for common files
        $ eslint-multiplexer [options] -i <json-string>
        $ eslint -f json | eslint-multiplexer [options]
        $ eslint-multiplexer eslint | eslint-multiplexer eslint
        --input, -i JSON       Use this stringified JSON as input
        --format, -f  String   Use a specific output format - default: stylish
        --basename, -b Boolean Match similar file names by their basename
        --matcher, -m String   A regex of which the matches (except [0]) are used
                               to match similar file names
        --threshold, -t Float  Messages with an occurence lower than threshold
                               can be differently displayed (eg dimmed with
        --hide, -h Boolean     Hide messages below the threshold
        --show-source, -s      Show the source of the message
        --help                 Displays this message


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