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    Airbnb+ JavaScript Standard Style

    ESLint Airbnb Standard JS logo

    ESLint on steroids (extends "airbnb" + "standard" configs). Global installation!

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    It uses original Airbnb Style config extended with JavaScript Standard Style config (with semicolons).

    See airbnb/javascript and standardjs for more information. Compare configs.

    Another package

    If you want to install Airbnb config only, check this package:

    ESLint + Airbnb : eslint-config-airbnb-bundle


    Install it globally:

    npm install --global eslint-config-airbnb-standard

    You can install it locally as well:

    npm install --save-dev eslint-config-airbnb-standard
    Setup your IDE / Editor:



    Sublime Text 3



    You can now run feature packed eslint from any directory:

    eslint -v

    Create .eslintrc file in your project. Setup your IDE / Editor. And be smart!

    ES6, ES7, React, JSX, async/await - all new features supported by default 👍

    Custom Config

    Add your own rules to the .eslintrc file in your project folder. For example, you can turn off semicolons (semi -> "never"):

      "extends": ["airbnb-standard"],
      "rules": {
        "semi": ["error", "never"]

    ESLint inside

    You shouldn't add eslint to your dependencies. It's bundled with this package, just specify the path if you need. Here is an example for eslint-loader:

      loader: 'eslint-loader',
      options: {
        eslintPath: 'eslint-config-airbnb-standard/node_modules/eslint',

    Sublime Text 3

    1. Install this package globally

    2. Go to: Preferences -> Package Control -> install package

    3. Install SublimeLinter

    4. Install SublimeLinter-contrib-eslint

    5. Run:

      npm bin -g

      ... and copy the path

    6. Go to: Tools -> SublimeLinter -> Open User Settings

      Paste the path to NodeJS installation folder inside "paths" for your OS and save:

          "linux": [
          "osx": [],
          "windows": ["%AppData%\\npm"]
    7. Create .eslintrc file inside your working project:

        "extends": ["airbnb-standard"]
    8. Restart Sublime Text

    9. Go to Tools -> SublimeLinter -> Lint this view

    10. You can switch to squiggly underline mark style from Tools. Have fun!



    1. Install this package globally (or locally)

    2. Go to: View -> Extension or press CTRL + SHIFT + X

    3. Search for ESLint extension, click it and press "Install" button

    4. Press "Reload" button or reopen the editor

    5. Go to: File -> Preferences -> Settings

      Add ESLint path to your workspace settings (do not use ~):

        "eslint.nodePath": "/home/username/.nvm/versions/node/v10.5.0/lib/node_modules/eslint-config-airbnb-standard/node_modules/eslint",

      Relative path for local installation:

        "eslint.nodePath": "node_modules/eslint-config-airbnb-standard/node_modules/eslint",
    6. Create .eslintrc.js file inside your working project root:

      module.exports = {
        root: true,
        parser: 'babel-eslint',
        parserOptions: {
          allowImportExportEverywhere: true,
          codeFrame: false
        extends: [

      VSCode errors


    File ➤ Settings / Default Settings ➤ Languages and Frameworks ➤ JavaScript ➤ Code Quality Tools ➤ ESLint

    ESLint settings

    Global installation in not necessary for WebStorm, but it is handy for the "Default Settings".


    1. Install this package globally

    2. Go to: Edit -> Preferences -> Install

    3. Install Linter

    4. Install linter-eslint

    5. Run:

      npm prefix -g

      ... copy the prefix path

    6. Go to: Preferences -> Packages -> linter-eslint -> Settings

      a) Check "Use global ESLint installation" option at the bottom

      b) Paste the prefix path to the field "Global Node Installation Path" and append:



    7. Create .eslintrc file inside your working project:

        "extends": ["airbnb-standard"]
    8. Press Ctrl + Shift + P -> enter "lint" -> click "Linter:Lint"


    npm i eslint-config-airbnb-standard

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