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This package is deprecated in favor of [esbuild-plugin-react18]( Please switch to [esbuild-plugin-react18](, which also offers additional options and more control over your build output.

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This package is deprecated in favor of esbuild-plugin-react18 Please switch to esbuild-plugin-react18, which also offers additional options and more control over your build output.

Build Awesome Libraries using React Server Components and make your Mark!

This is an esbuild plugin for compiling libraries compatible with React 18 server and client component, Nextjs13, Remix, etc.


✅ Unleash the power of combining react client and server components in your libraries ✅ Full TypeScript support out of the box ✅ Simple and tiny ✅ Easy to use — just add the plugin, and you are good to go

Introduction of React server components in React 18 has unlocked immense possibilities. However, library authors are not yet able to fully encash upon this potential. Many libraries, like chakra-ui, simply add “use client” for each component. However, much more can be unleashed when we can use both server and client components to build libraries. Also check-out this blog.




  • JavaScript/TypeScript React libraries using tsup or other builders based on esbuild

This plugin seamlessly integrates with tsup and any other builders based on esbuild. With this you can have both server and client components in your library and the plugin will take care of the rest. All you need to do is add this plugin and add "use client"; on top of client components (in your source code).

Add dependencies:

yarn add --dev esbuild-react18-useclient


pnpm add -D esbuild-react18-useclient


npm install -D esbuild-react18-useclient

If you are using monorepo or workspaces you can install this plugin to root using -w or to specific workspace using --filter your-package or --scope your-package for pnpm and yarn workspaces respectively.

Use with tsup

// tsup.config.ts or tsup.config.js
import { defineConfig } from "tsup";
import reactUseClient from "esbuild-react18-useclient";

export default defineConfig(options => ({


Licensed as MIT open source.

with 💖 by Mayank Kumar Chaudhari

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