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    Using eos-icons-react in your projects

    Refer to EOS Icons for more details about all the icons that are supported by EOS-Icons React

    Storybook EOS-Icons React, checkout storybook for an in-depth look at the various different icons that are provided by EOS-Icons React as well the props available for configuring icons.


    # yarn
    yarn add eos-icons-react
    # npm
    npm install eos-icons-react


    common icons usage

    import { EOS_STAR } from 'eos-icons-react';
    <EOS_STAR />

    Filled/Outlined icons usage

    import { EOS_STAR_FILLED, EOS_STAR_OUTLINED } from 'eos-icons-react';

    Animated icons usage

    import { EOS_LOADING_ANIMATED } from 'eos-icons-react';


    Prop usage

    import { EOS_LOADING_ANIMATED } from 'eos-icons-react';
    # The below icons will have the color #FF5733, size xxl and a rotation of 45 degree
    <EOS_LOADING_ANIMATED color="#FF5733" size="xxl" rotate={45} className="icon"/>

    Prop Details

    Name Type Default Description
    size string, number 'm' sets the size of icon *
    color string black sets the color of icon
    rotate string, number 0 sets the rotation degree of icon
    horizontalFlip boolean false Flips icon horizontally
    verticalFlip boolean false Flips icon vertically
    theme string 'filled' sets icon theme (only available for common components)**
    className string '' sets custom styling class for icon component

    (*) Size can be provided using either string or number. Pre-Defined size list

    Size Name Size Value
    xs 4
    s 8
    base 14
    m 18
    l 24
    xl 32
    xxl 48
    xxxl 64

    (**) The theme prop is only available for common icon component. Eos-Icons React has 4 different types of icon components (common / filled / outlined / animated). The common icon component contains both filled and outlined version of the icon. For switching between the two types of version you can either supply 'outlined' or 'filled' to the theme prop.

    Development of EOS icons React

    • Cloning the repo:
    git clone https://github.com/EOS-uiux-Solutions/eos-icons-react
    • run for installing all the required dependencies.
    npm install

    Package build command

    • run for producing the final build files.
    npm run generate


    Follow the above steps before running the test command. The test sequence requires the presence of the final build files in order to test them.

    • run to start the testing of the final build files using Jest.
    npm run test

    Build process


    Learn more about the EOS Design System

    Our "thank you" section

    Tested for every browser in every device

    Thanks to Browserstack and their continuous contribution to open source projects, we continuously test the EOS to make sure all our features and components work perfectly fine in all browsers. Browserstack helps us make sure our Design System also delivers a peace of mind to all developers and designers making use of our components and layout in their products.




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