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    emoji-regex offers a regular expression to match all emoji symbols and sequences (including textual representations of emoji) as per the Unicode Standard. It’s based on emoji-test-regex-pattern, which generates (at build time) the regular expression pattern based on the Unicode Standard. As a result, emoji-regex can easily be updated whenever new emoji are added to Unicode.


    Via npm:

    npm install emoji-regex

    In Node.js:

    const emojiRegex = require('emoji-regex');
    // Note: because the regular expression has the global flag set, this module
    // exports a function that returns the regex rather than exporting the regular
    // expression itself, to make it impossible to (accidentally) mutate the
    // original regular expression.
    const text = `
    \u{231A}: ⌚ default emoji presentation character (Emoji_Presentation)
    \u{2194}\u{FE0F}: ↔️ default text presentation character rendered as emoji
    \u{1F469}: 👩 emoji modifier base (Emoji_Modifier_Base)
    \u{1F469}\u{1F3FF}: 👩🏿 emoji modifier base followed by a modifier
    const regex = emojiRegex();
    for (const match of text.matchAll(regex)) {
      const emoji = match[0];
      console.log(`Matched sequence ${ emoji } — code points: ${ [...emoji].length }`);

    Console output:

    Matched sequence ⌚ — code points: 1
    Matched sequence ⌚ — code points: 1
    Matched sequence ↔️ — code points: 2
    Matched sequence ↔️ — code points: 2
    Matched sequence 👩 — code points: 1
    Matched sequence 👩 — code points: 1
    Matched sequence 👩🏿 — code points: 2
    Matched sequence 👩🏿 — code points: 2

    For maintainers

    How to update emoji-regex after new Unicode Standard releases

    1. Update emoji-test-regex-pattern as described in its repository.

    2. Bump the emoji-test-regex-pattern dependency to the latest version.

    3. Update the Unicode data dependency in package.json by running the following commands:

      # Example: updating from Unicode v13 to Unicode v14.
      npm uninstall @unicode/unicode-13.0.0
      npm install @unicode/unicode-14.0.0 --save-dev
    4. Generate the new output:

      npm run build
    5. Verify that tests still pass:

      npm test

    How to publish a new release

    1. On the main branch, bump the emoji-regex version number in package.json:

      npm version patch -m 'Release v%s'

      Instead of patch, use minor or major as needed.

      Note that this produces a Git commit + tag.

    2. Push the release commit and tag:

      git push && git push --tags

      Our CI then automatically publishes the new release to npm.


    Mathias Bynens


    emoji-regex is available under the MIT license.


    npm i emoji-regex

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