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This Eleventy plugin automatically embeds responsive YouTube videos from URLs in Markdown files. It’s part of the eleventy-plugin-embed-everything project.

⚡️ Installation

In your Eleventy project, install the plugin through npm:

$ npm i eleventy-plugin-youtube-embed

Then add it to your Eleventy config file:

// `require` the package at the top of the file with all the others
const embedYouTube = require("eleventy-plugin-youtube-embed");

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {

  // There could be quite a lot of surrounding code here...


  // There could be quite a lot of surrounding code here...


🛠 Usage

To embed a YouTube video into any Markdown page, paste its URL into a new line. The URL should be the only thing on that line.

Markdown file example:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam vehicula, elit vel condimentum porta, purus.


Maecenas non velit nibh. Aenean eu justo et odio commodo ornare. In scelerisque sapien at.


Rick Astley performing “Never gonna give you up”

⚙️ Settings

You can configure the plugin to change its behavior by passing an options object to the addPlugin function:

eleventyConfig.addPlugin(embedYouTube, {
  // just an example, see default values below:
  embedClass: 'my-alternate-classname'

Plugin default options

The plugin’s default settings reside in lib/pluginDefaults.js. All of these values can be changed with an options object passed to the plugin.

Option Type Default
allowAttrs String accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture Default allow attributes that get applied to the embed iframe. Substitute your preferred string to allow other iframe behaviors and feature policies.
allowAutoplay Boolean false Setting this to true will cause all embedded videos to autoplay. Be cool: don’t do it!
⚠️ This setting will be removed in v2.0.
allowFullscreen Boolean true Default allowfullscreen attribute that gets applied to the embed iframe. Changing this to false will disable the fullscreen button on your embeds.
embedClass String eleventy-plugin-youtube-embed Class name applied to the div element that wraps the embedded YouTube iframe. Use the default string to target the embeds with CSS, or substitute your preferred string.
lazy Boolean false Setting this to true will add a loading="lazy" attribute to the standard iframe embed. Some browsers will use this to optimize resource loading.
lite Boolean or Object false Setting this to true will use Paul Irish’s Lite YouTube Embed method. See the section on the Lite version below for more details.
modestBranding Boolean false Setting this to true will add a modestbranding=1 attribute to the embed url. This will tell YouTube to show minimal YouTube branding
noCookie Boolean true Defaults to the “privacy-enhancedwww.youtube-nocookie.com domain. Change this to false to use www.youtube.com.
recommendSelfOnly Boolean false Setting this to true will add a rel=0 attribute to the embed url. This will tell YouTube to recommend videos from the same channel.

Lite YouTube Embed

You can use the Lite YouTube Embed instead of the standard YouTube iframe. In many circumstances this is a performance win because it delays loading the iframe element until the user clicks play.

Be aware that the Lite version defaults to loading two files from the jsDelivr CDN. It loads these files once on any HTML page that includes an embed. You can override both resource URIs if you want to load from a different source, such as unpkg or your own server.

In addition, using the Lite version will cause several of the plugin’s settings to become un-configurable. The embedClass option will still work, but the following options will be ignored if you set lite: true:

  • allowAttrs
  • allowAutoplay
  • allowFullscreen
  • lazy
  • noCookie

Lite embed options

To use the default Lite version, simply pass lite: true to the options object when you add the plugin to your Eleventy config:

eleventyConfig.addPlugin(embedYouTube, {
  lite: true

Configuring lite embed options

To manually configure the Lite version, pass an options object to the lite setting instead of true:

eleventyConfig.addPlugin(embedYouTube, {
  lite: {
    // Change settings here
Option Type Default
lite.css.enabled Boolean true If you change this to false, then the plugin won’t add any CSS to the page. You’ll need to handle loading the necessary CSS yourself.
lite.css.inline Boolean false If you change this to true, then the plugin will load the CSS inline in <style> tags, instead of using the default <link> tag.
lite.css.path String https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/paulirish/lite-youtube-embed@master/src/lite-yt-embed.min.css Pass a custom URL to load the necessary CSS from the source of your choice.
lite.js.enabled Boolean true If you change this to false, then the plugin won’t add any JavaScript to the page. You’ll need to handle loading the necessary JavaScript yourself.
lite.js.inline Boolean false If you change this to true, then the plugin will load the JavaScript inline in <script> tags.
lite.js.path String https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/paulirish/lite-youtube-embed@master/src/lite-yt-embed.min.js Pass a custom URL to load the necessary JavaScript from the source of your choice.
New in v1.9.0!
String hqdefault Override the requested YouTube thumbnail image file. Accepted values are default, hqdefault, mqdefault, sddefault, maxresdefault. Note that not all sizes are available for all videos. If the requested resolution isn’t available, YouTube shows a generic placeholder instead.

Supported URL patterns

The plugin supports common YouTube URL variants as well. These should also work in your Markdown files.:

<!-- No protocol: -->


<!-- With or without HTTPS: -->


<!-- With or without 'www': -->


<!-- YouTu.be short-links: -->


<!-- URLs with extra parameters: -->


If you really want to get into the weeds, inspect test/_inc/validUrls.js, which generates the comprehensive list of URL patterns that are explicitly tested. And if you run across a URL pattern that you think should work, but doesn’t, please file an issue!

⚠️ Notes and caveats

  • This plugin is deliberately designed only to embed videos when the URL is on its own line, and not inline with other text.
  • To do this, it uses a regular expression to recognize YouTube video URLs. Currently these are the limitations on what it can recognize in a Markdown parser’s HTML output:
    • The URL must be wrapped in a paragraph tag: <p>
    • It may also be wrapped in an anchor tag, (inside the paragraph): <a>
    • The URL string may have whitespace around it
  • I’ve tried to accommodate common variants (like short youtu.be links, for example), but there are conceivably valid YouTube URLs that wouldn’t get recognized. Please file an issue if you run into an edge case!
  • This plugin uses transforms, so it alters Eleventy’s HTML output as it’s generated. It doesn’t alter the source Markdown.
  • Right now it supports only single videos, not playlists.
  • The embedded video is responsive, using the intrinsic aspect ratio method. It will expand to fill whatever horizontal space is available.
  • The embed dimensions are currently hard-coded to a 16:9 aspect ratio.


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