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    Develop native looking UI's for Electron with HTML, CSS & JS.



    npm install electron-photon



    // Require photon
    const Photon = require("electron-photon");

    Use in Browser

    If you want to use Photon in a Browser, you have to mention some things. First of all, embed the browserified script file like anything else using a <script> Tag. But now, you also have to set a relative path for loading the components.

    <script src="photon.browser.js"></script>
      Photon.__baseDir = "/myPhotonMaster";


    This is because Photon needs an “endpoint” that contains a “/dist” folder to load each component. The problem is, that we are embedding the photon.browser.js using a former script tag. And sadly, there exist no API to get the relative source of an embedded script from himself. Of course there exist a lot of hackt workarounds but currently this is the only “clean” solution.

    Just look at the magic! Everything works out of the box.

    Your Photon instance is just used to contain the component controllers and to perform special actions like Dialog() (More about Dialogs). Or if you want to hack a components lifecycle, there you get the classes you need.


    I get an error ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when requiring the Photon. Sometimes the components will not load and you may ask yourself why. Generally, Photon loads each component on its own. Therefore, a general /dist folder is required that contains all component folders. By default, the module tries to use the /dist folder relative to the location of photon.js using node's __dirname. Because of the fact that browsers does not support a clear solution to get the relative path of embeded javascript file by itself, you have to set Photon.__baseDir manually when using the browserified version. And if you do not contain your /dist directory relative to the location of photon.js (which is the main file for the node module), you also have to set Phoron.__baseDir manually.

    Therefore, if you get such an error, just try to set the Photon.__baseDir manually to the /dist folder you want to use to load your components


    Just run the demo/ShowReel folder with electron and will see the whole beauty of Photon!

    Application Layout

    The main layout of your application needs a <ph-window> element in which the <tool-bar>'s and your <window-content> will find their place.

      <!--Top header bar here-->
      <tool-bar type="header">
        Toolbar Header
      <!--Window content here-->
        Window Content
      <!--Bottom footer bar here-->
      <tool-bar type="footer">
        Footer Header


    If you have a look at the project's structure, you will see that there exist a very well balanced component system you theoretically can contribute to with custom components.


    How do I set the style of the UI? Photon supports multiple styles, inspired by native user interfaces from macOS or Windows.

    By default, Photon tries to use the style that is connected to the running OS, stored in process.platform. But you can easily set the style to one of the supported ones. Note that the styles do not have the name of an operating system but their real name such as cocoa.

    Style Name Related Operating System Support
    cocoa macOS (Apple) True
    metro Windows (Microsoft) Cooming soon
    unity Ubuntu (Linux) Cooming soon

    Set Style

    You can easily control the current style just with the style property of your Photon instance.

    // Set style
    Photon.style = "cocoa";
    // Works as expected

    You can do this whenever you want while your application is running ;-)

    Note, that when you set a style the first time in your session, it may takes time to load the resources because they are not cached.

    Set An Invalid Style

    // Set style
    Photon.style = "xxx";
    // Occurs an error


    Paned Layout

    More about the panes in Panes

    Navigation List

    Navigation List

    More about the navigation list in Navigation List



    More about toolbars in Toolbar

    Table View

    Table View

    More about the table view in Table View


    Example Example

    More about tabs in Tabs

    Lists & Swipes




    Swipe Swipe

    Swipes Showreel (GIF is slower than in reality)

    More about lists & swipe actions in Lists & Swipes


    Button Default

    Button Default

    More about all buttons in Button

    Button Group

    Button Group Default

    ButtonGroup Segmented

    More about the button group component in Button Group

    Circular Slider

    Circular Slider

    More about the circular slider in Circular Slider

    Content Frame & Select List

    Input Field Focused

    More about the content frames and selectable lists in Content Frame & Select List


    Simple Text Field

    Input Field Input Field Focused

    Number Input & Stepper

    Number Input with Stepper

    More about input fields in Input



    More about messages view in Messages

    Number Input

    Number Input

    More about number input in Number Input

    Progress Circle

    Progress Circle

    More about progress circle in Progress Circle



    More about sliders in Slider



    More about dialog controller in Dialog

    Drop Down Menu


    More about drop down menu controller in Drop Down Menu


    You can browserify the photon.js file completely using the --ignore-missing flag which ignores the missing electron requirements. Please note, that not all features are supported in browsers because they may need electron or node functions.

    If you browserify photon.js and execute it in a non-node enviroment, the Photon instance will adopted globally to the window object.

    This repository contains a valid browserified file named photon-browser.js, you normally should use.


    You are missing something or do you have improvements?

    Please open a pull-request or an Issue and I will do my best ;-)


    This framework is a hard fork of the original PhotonKit framework of connors. Because connors project is not developed anymore since more than 2 years, this is the release of Photon to version 1.0.

    Pieces of the code that is used here, is originally written by connors. The original code is contained within the CSS file dist/PhotonOriginal/photon-original.css.

    But I made some important changes on the original components. E.g. I use modern technologies like Custom Elements to handle components much easier and cleaner and to provide a lighter API ;-)


    npm i electron-photon

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