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edged - reverse proxy client

The edged Node.js package implements a client for a tiny subset of the Fastly reverse proxy API. And even that’s bragging, what it does is purging single items at the edge of the network using that API.


class Edged

Edged is the main object in this package.


  • token: String

Your Edged API token.

  • auth: String

Optionally basic authentication credentials can be passed.

  • agent: http.Agent | https.Agent

You might want to configure the agent to use keep-alive connections.

  • log: { fatal, error, warn, info, debug, trace }

A conventional logging API is supported.

  • port: Number

The port to connect to. 443 is the default.

  • timeout: Number

Limits the time the socket is allowed to be idle, defaults to ten seconds.

Class properties

  • action: { String: Symbol }

Enumerates possible actions. These are the things you can do with the client.

Creating a client

const { Edged } = require('edged')
const client = new Edged(token)

By default, Fastly doesn’t require an API token for purging.

Purging URLs

cb (Error | undefined, Number, String)

The callback of these methods receives an error if something went wrong, the HTTP status code of the response, and its body.

client.purgeByURL (uri, cb)

Purges a single URL executing the callback when done.

client.softPurgeByURL (uri, cb)

Marks URL as outdated (stale) instead of permanently purging it, executing the callback when done.

Streaming API

Often times you want to purge not just one URL, but many, maybe URLs you receive from a stream. 🚰

{ statusCode, uri, body }

Result objects, readable from these streams, contain an HTTP status code received from Fastly, the URL that was attempted to purge, and the body of the HTTP response parsed as JSON if possible.

Edged.createStream (client)

Returns a flexible action stream, to which you write { Edged.action, uri } and read result objects.

Edged.createURLStream (client, Edged.action)

Returns a specialized stream for an action you choose up-front. Write URLs, as String or URL types, to this stream.


With npm, do:

$ npm install edged


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