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Async concurrent iterator (async forEach)


Async concurrent iterator (async forEach)

Like async.each(), but tiny.

I often use async.each() for doing async operations when iterating, but I almost never use the other gadzillion methods in async.

Async iteration is one of the most used async control flow patterns.

$ npm install --save each-async
var eachAsync = require('each-async');
eachAsync(['foo','bar','baz'], function (itemindexdone) {
console.log(item, index);
}, function (error) {
//=> foo 0 
//=> bar 1 
//=> baz 2 
//=> finished 

The array you want to iterate.

A function which is called for each item in the array with the following arguments:

  • item: the current item in the array
  • index: the current index
  • done([error]): call this when you're done with an optional error. Supplying anything other than undefined/null will stop the iteration.

Note that order is not guaranteed since each item is handled concurrently.

A function which is called when the iteration is finished or on the first error. First argument is the error passed from done() in the callback.

MIT © Sindre Sorhus