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    The missing library manager for Android Developers

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    • ⚡️ Blazing fast way to add libraries
    • 🎉 No need to search the web for that library
    • 🚀 Intuitive, easy-to-learn tool
    • 💎 Add multiple dependencies with a one liner
    • ✌️ Automated dependency and package management
    • 🔨 Automatic import custom urls (e.g. jitpack)


    Simple usage:

    drone add <library> <module>

    Single library

    drone add picasso app


    drone add picasso retrofit rxjava gson app

       $ drone <command> <params>
       $ drone install                            # Downloads the packages
       $ drone test <library>                     # Tests the library by fetching its version
       $ drone add <library> <module>             # Adds a dependency to a module
       $ drone remove <library> <module>          # Removes the dependency from a module
       $ drone info <library>                     # Retrieves the info for this package
       $ drone update                             # Get the latest packages
       $ drone list                               # List all of the packages
       $ drone stats                              # Get some stats regarding the hive
       $ drone hive                               # Opens the hive url
       $ drone open <library>                     # Opens the library's homepage
       $ drone search <library>                   # Searches for the 'library' in the hive
       $ drone install                            # Downloads the packages
       $ drone info picasso                       # Shows the info for picasso
       $ drone add retrofit app                   # Adds retrofit to the 'app' module 
       $ drone rm retrofit app                    # removes retrofit from the 'app' module 
       $ drone open gson                          # Opens GSONs homepage
       $ drone search rxjava                      # Searches the hive for 'rxjava'
       $ drone test picasso                       # Tests the library by fetching its version


    npm install -g drone

    What is it?

    As an android developer I was jealous of the node.js community for their fast and reliable dependency managers, it's so easy to write yarn add <library> and a library is imported into the project... So I made drone for android!

    If you think about it there are like 50 libraries that are used in 95% of the apps (retrofit, rxjava, gson, picasso, roboletric, recyclerview-v7, etc.)

    I made this because every time I want to add (lets say) butterknife I need to

    1. google butterknife
    2. go to the readme
    3. find the lines to copy
    4. notice that butterknife has 2 dependencies
    5. copy and paste in my gradle file
    6. OPTIONAL if it was not in jcenter, go to the main build gradle and put the custom URL


    drone add butterknife

    and everything will be done for you automatically

    Where are the libraries?

    Instead of maintaining a server with all the possible libraries I'm going with a brew approach, the community will create a library once and it will be available to everyone else forever in the hive!

    Follow the instructions to create the <library>.json file then open the pull request in the hive

    Created by

    Cesar Ferreira


    MIT © Cesar Ferreira


    by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY




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