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Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation


Access properties of nested objects using dot-path notation.

Dotty makes it easy to programmatically access arbitrarily nested objects and their properties.

Here's a link to the npm page.

npm install dotty

Also see the documentation and example.

var dotty = require("dotty");
var object = {
  a: {
    b: {
      x: "y",
    c: {
      x: "z",
console.log(dotty.exists(object, "a.b.x")); // true 
console.log(dotty.exists(object, ["a", "b", "x"])); // true 
console.log(dotty.exists(object, "a.b.z")); // false 
console.log(dotty.exists(object, ["a", "b", "z"])); // false 
console.log(dotty.get(object, "a.b.x")); // "y" 
console.log(dotty.get(object, ["a", "b", "x"])); // "y" 
console.log(dotty.get(object, "a.b.z")); // undefined 
console.log(dotty.get(object, ["a", "b", "z"])); // undefine 
dotty.put(object, "a.b.hello", "hi");
dotty.put(object, ["a", "c", "yo"], "sup");
console.log(, "a.b.*"));
console.log(, ["a", "b", "*"]));
console.log(, "a.*.x"));
console.log(, ["a", "*", "x"]));
console.log(, ["a", "*", /..+/]));
console.log(dotty.remove(object, "a.b.x"));
console.log(dotty.remove(object, "a.b.y"));
console.log(dotty.deepKeys(object).map(function(e) { return e.join("."); }));

3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.