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This module provides a simple way of constructing/parsing dot/bracket notation in JavaScript/Node.js. It was born from a need to flatten Objects in a customized way, making dot-notes useful in many scenarios.

Getting Started

dot-notes lives on npm, so just install it via the command line and you're good to go. There are no dependencies either, so it should be pretty fast to download in your production environment (there are dev dependencies).

$ npm install --save dot-notes

In the interest of short READMEs, please visit the wiki for documentation on how to use this module, including example usage.

Quick Examples

var dots = require('dot-notes');

dots.create({}, 'test.test', 'example');
  => { "test": { "test": "example" } }
dots.get({ "test": { "test": "example" } }, 'test.test');
  => "example"
  => [ 'this', 'is', 'my', 1, 'example' ]
dots.join([ 'this', 'is', 'my', 1, 'example' ]);
  => '[1].example'
dots.recurse({ "test": { "test": "example" } }, console.log);
  => [ 'test', 'example', 'test.test' ]

Migrating from 2.x to 3.x

The argument syntax for any functions taking an Object target and a String have been flipped, to follow the (haystack, needle) format. This means that the arguments for a target are now required where they weren't previously - however, if you pass undefined you will get the same behaviour as previously.

This is the only non-backwards compatible change in 3.x (and is the change which forced the jump to 3.0.0).


If you wish to contribute (awesome!), please file an issue before filing a PR in order to avoid wasting time on a PR which may not be required. All PRs should pass grunt lint and maintain 100% test coverage. If something isn't covered by lint, please just use the existing code as an example of the style which should be used.


Tests are run using grunt or npm, and written using Mocha. I aim to maintain 100% coverage where possible (both line and branch).

Tests can be run as follows:

$ npm test
$ grunt test
$ grunt # runs the default Travis loop


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