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    An ES6+ sourced DOMMatrix shim for Node.js apps and legacy browsers. Since this source is modernized, legacy browsers might need some additional shims.

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    The constructor is close to the DOMMatrix Interface in many respects, but tries to keep a sense of simplicity. In that note, we haven't implemented DOMMatrixReadOnly methods like flipX() or inverse() or aliases for the main methods like translateSelf or the old rotate3d.

    DOMMatrix shim is meant to be a light pocket tool for many things, for a complete polyfill you might want to also consider more geometry-interfaces and geometry-polyfill.

    This library implements a full transform string parsing via the static method .fromString(), which produce results inline with the DOMMatrix Interface as well as a very elegant method to determine is2D. Before moving to the technical details of this script, have a look at the demo.


    See DOMMatrix shim in action, click me and start transforming.


    npm install dommatrix

    Download the latest version and copy the dist/dommatrix.min.js file to your project assets folder, then load the file in your front-end:

    <script src="./assets/js/dommatrix.min.js">

    Alternativelly you can load from CDN:

    <script src="">


    In your regular day to day usage, you will find yourself writing something like this:

    import CSSMatrix from 'dommatrix';
    // init
    let myMatrix = new CSSMatrix('matrix(1,0.25,-0.25,1,0,0)');
    // apply methods
    // apply to styling to target = myMatrix.toString();

    For the complete JavaScript API, check the JavaScript API section in our wiki.


    For more indepth guides, head over to the wiki pages for developer guidelines.

    More Info

    In contrast with the original source there have been a series of changes to the prototype for consistency, performance as well as requirements to better accomodate the DOMMatrix interface:

    • changed how the constructor determines if the matrix is 2D, based on a more accurate method which is actually checking the designated values of the 3D space; in contrast, the old CSSMatrix constructor sets afine property at initialization only and based on the number of arguments or the type of the input CSS transform syntax;
    • fixed the translate(), scale() and rotate() instance methods to work with one axis transformation, also inline with DOMMatrix;
    • changed toString() instance method to utilize the new method toArray() described below;
    • changed setMatrixValue() instance method to do all the heavy duty work with parameters;
    • added is2D (getter and setter) property;
    • added isIdentity (getter and setter) property;
    • added skew() public method to work in line with native DOMMatrix;
    • added Skew() static method to work with the above skew() instance method;
    • added fromMatrix static method, not present in the constructor prototype;
    • added fromString static method, not present in the constructor prototype;
    • added fromArray() static method, not present in the constructor prototype, should also process Float32Array / Float64Array via Array.from();
    • added toFloat64Array() and toFloat32Array() instance methods, the updated toString() method makes use of them alongside toArray;
    • added toArray() instance method, normalizes values and is used by the toString() instance method;
    • added toJSON() instance method will generate a standard Object which includes {a,b,c,d,e,f} and {m11,m12,m13,..m44} properties and excludes is2D & isIdentity properties;
    • added transformPoint() instance method which works like the original.
    • removed afine property, it's a very old WebKitCSSMatrix defined property;
    • removed inverse() instance method, will be re-added later for other implementations (probably going to be accompanied by determinant(), transpose() and others);
    • removed transform instance method, not present in the native DOMMatrix prototype;
    • removed setIdentity() instance method due to code rework for enabling better TypeScript definitions;
    • removed toFullString() instance method, probably something also from WebKitCSSMatrix;
    • removed feedFromArray static method, not present in the constructor prototype, fromArray() will cover that;
    • not supported fromFloat64Array() and fromFloat32Array() static methods are not supported, our fromArray() should handle them just as well;
    • not supported flipX() or flipY() instance methods of the DOMMatrixReadOnly prototype are not supported,
    • not supported translateSelf() or rotateSelf() instance methods of the DOMMatrix prototype are not supported, instead we only implemented the most used DOMMatrixReadOnly instance methods.
    • not supported scaleNonUniformSelf() or rotate3d() with {x, y, z} transform origin parameters are not implemented.



    DOMMatrix shim is MIT Licensed.


    npm i dommatrix

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