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    Doge Decimal Classification

    Such classification. Many library. So fun. No Dewey. Wow.


    npm i dogedc


    Doge Decimal Classification now comes with a command-line interface! Amaze.

    $ dogedc 123
    So determinism. Many indeterminism.
    $ dogedc # random class 
    Very international. Many law. Wow.

    You'll need to install it globally (npm i dogedc -g) to get the CLI on your path.

    API Usage

    dogedc(classNumber, callback) — convert class from boring old Dewey Decimal Classification to exciting new Doge Decimal Classification. The callback function is passed any error as its first argument & an object as its second argument, that object has form:

        'classNumber': '020',
        'className': 'Library & information sciences',
        'dogeClassName': 'Many library. Such information. Very sciences.'

    If classNumber is falsey or not present, dogedc will pick a random class number & pass that to the callback.

    var dogedc = require('dogedc');
    // get random Doge Decimal class
    dogedc(function(err, ddc) {
        console.log('Class number:', ddc.classNumber);
        console.log('Doge class name:', ddc.dogeClassName);
    // look up 020's class name
    dogedc('020', function(err, ddc) {
        console.log('020', ddc.dogeClassName);

    The dogedc node module also exposes a toDoge function for converting tepid plain human speak into awesome beautiful doge speak. It was written specifically for this module, so as a general-purpose doge-ifier your mileage may vary, but it's there.

    var toDoge = require('dogedc').toDoge;
    console.log(toDoge('Hello World'));
    // logs "Many hello. Much world." or some such


    The number argument passed to dogedc can be an integer or a string. It's safer to always pass strings because numbers with leading 0s are treated as base 8 in JavaScript (e.g. 020 === 16);

    Right now, only top-level, 3-digit classes work.

    I culled the list of Dewey Decimal Classes from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's list. If there are any errors, blame them ;)

    Doge Decimal Classification is the first stochastic classification system.* Class names are randomly generated based on the corresponding Dewey Decimal Classification & well-recognized dogespeak constructions. For this module's users, that means that the resulting dogeClassName of any given class number may differ each time the module is executed.

    I tried using fs.createReadStream & JSONStream to parse the Dewey JSON file but it turned out to be almost twice as slow as simply using fs.readFile. That work is on the stream branch & the testing script is at test/bench.

    *…that I'm aware of.



    npm i dogedc

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