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A very thin TypeScript based MongoDB helper with optional, rich ODM (Object Document Mapper) convenience features


  • Reliable
    • Rely on the rock-solid Native Node.js MongoDB drivers
    • Don't inject custom code into DB calls without explicit intent by the developer
    • Don't hide new MongoDB features, so you don't have to wait DocumentTS to be updated before you can use them
  • Optional
    • Stays out of the way, so developers can slowly transition
    • If performance becomes a concern easily switch to native MongoDB calls for the best performance
  • Async
    • Ensure developers can write simpler and more reliable code by surfaceing promises and async/await features
  • Convienient
    • Developers define their own models through simple Interfaces
    • Choose fields that you want to automatically hydrate, such as child or related objects
    • Serialize calculated fields with every request
    • Protect certain fields (like passwords) from serialization, so they aren't accidently sent across the wire
  • Promote Good Patterns
    • Suggest/enable easy to understand and implement patters for developers, so their code can scale and remain organized
  • Prevent Bloat
    • Leverage TypeScript types, interfaces, generics and inheritance to achieve development-time certainty of proper database access
    • Keep the code smart, readable and lean
    • Be very selective about any new features

What It Isn't

Not a full-fledged ODM or ORM replacement and doesn't aspire to be one like Mongoose or Camo. Databases are HARD. MongoDB took many years to mature, Microsoft has been trying for a really long time to build a reliable ORM with Entity Framework, Mongoose and many other ODMs are ridden with bugs (no offense) when you push them beyond the basics. It takes great resources to deliver a solid data access experience, so with DocumentTS you can developer directly against MongoDB while enjoying some conveniences as you choose.

Quick Start

Pre-requisite: npm install -g typescript

See the Minimal MEAN sample project for usage -

More details coming soon


Coming soon