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Documents as Models

Express middleware that serves data files with optional templating, layouts, and dynamic content - Inspired by DocPad but attempts to be more scalable and modular

At the most basic level, DocMod will serve YAML documents as a JSON service from clean urls. If the object contains a body field it will parse it as Markdown and serve that. If the object contains a template field, it will render it (currently only Jade) with the object locals and body and serve that. If the object contains a layout field it will inherit from another YAML document that itself may contain locals with its own body,template, and layout fields.

Other content (including dynamic content) can either be linked or loaded with the special $link or $load keys. These can accept relative paths or full url strings. The $link key will resolve relative paths to be used on the client (like an href). The $load key can accept a full request module options object. Loaded resources can be passed the original query and http headers to allow for fully dynamic content. For example, it can be used with a local fscan service to function as a file-based content management system. Loading or linking can be interchanged to do things on the server or the client respectively.