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    Docbook is a powerful static documentation website generator that works on Markdown.

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    What can it do?

    DocBook allows you to write content in Markdown, which has a very powerful and easy to learn markup syntax. You can quickly start creating your website without much code.

    DocBook will automatically create the required files for your website, which are ready to be deployed to services like Netlify, GitHub Pages.


    Static site generation

    • Minified files
    • SEO friendly
    • Integrate external files

    Built-in markdown plugins

    • Table of contents
    • Anchored Headings
    • Code highlighting
    • Callouts
    • YouTube player embed
    • Emoji


    • Control theme color
    • Dark theme 🕶
    • Custom plugins support

    Quick start

    DocBook site can be created quickly using the CLI tool. Make sure you have recent LTS version of Node.js installed. Follow the commands below:

    npm install -g docbook
    docbook init
    # follow steps shown in CLI 

    Installing dependencies via npm install is not necessary if CLI is globally installed.


    Following commands must be followed to setup DocBook development environment.

    git clone
    cd docbook
    npm install
    npm run dev

    By default, the dev server opens at port 3000 with the playground. Playground is where you can test the code and make live changes to it.

    Directory structure

    DocBook follows the following directory structure,

    • src - Contains the source code.
      • core - Core modules that are used.
        • functions - Contains the code for the builder.
        • templates - Template files that define the structure, design and basic functionality of documentation website.
        • utils - Helper functions used extensively in functions.
    • playground - A sample documentation website setup to test DocBook features during development.
    • bin - Contains the scripts for the CLI.


    Make sure you create a fork of this repository before you start contributing.

    git clone <your-forked-repo>
    cd <your-forked-repo>
    npm install
    npm run dev
    git checkout -b some-fix
    # make changes to the code 
    git commit -m "Your commit message"
    git push origin some-fix

    Use the playground to test your code. Do not commit changes made in the playground.

    Once you are done with the changes, you can open a pull request to dev branch.


    DocBook is MIT Licensed




    npm i docbook

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