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ember.js precompiler for projects that use the django compressor

ember.js precompiler for projects that use the django compressor

  1. django projects have a quick hook to execute code with django compressor
  2. I prefer to precompile my handlebars templates for ember.js when possible
  3. I couldn't find an existing npm module that was built to work with django compressor and ember.js

First you need to install node.js if you have not already

Install the npm module

npm install django-ember-precompile

Add django compressor to your django web project

pip install -r django_compressor

Register a type to have the compressor fire off the precompile step (in your

    ('text/x-handlebars', 'node_modules/django-ember-precompile/bin/django-ember-precompile {infile}'),

Finally in your html you need to reference the uncompiled handlebars templates

{% load staticfiles %}
{% load compress %}

{% compress js %}
<script src="{% static 'script/app/templates/foo.handlebars' %}" type="text/x-handlebars"></script>
{% endcompress %}

This npm module makes a few assumptions to correctly register the template name with ember.js

1.) Each template must have a file extension of "handlebars" or "hbs"
2.) Each template must reside under a root "templates" directory

To run the tests

cd tests