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ember.js precompiler for projects that use the django compressor

Why did you write another precompiler npm module?

  1. django projects have a quick hook to execute code with django compressor
  2. I prefer to precompile my handlebars templates for ember.js when possible
  3. I couldn't find an existing npm module that was built to work with django compressor and ember.js

How do I get started then?

First you need to install node.js if you have not already

Install the npm module

npm install django-ember-precompile

Add django compressor to your django web project

pip install -r django_compressor

Register a type to have the compressor fire off the precompile step (in your

    ('text/x-handlebars', 'node_modules/django-ember-precompile/bin/django-ember-precompile {infile}'),

Finally in your html you need to reference the uncompiled handlebars templates

{% load staticfiles %}
{% load compress %}

{% compress js %}
<script src="{% static 'script/app/templates/foo.handlebars' %}" type="text/x-handlebars"></script>
{% endcompress %}

This npm module makes a few assumptions to correctly register the template name with ember.js

1.) Each template must have a file extension of "handlebars" or "hbs"
2.) Each template must reside under a root "templates" directory


To run the tests

cd tests