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    Getting Started

    💡 What is Discord Modal?

    • The package helps you to create a modal, which is a new feature of Disocrd, but it is not supported at the moment in dscord.js, so this package will make it easier for you to do it with discord.js v13
    • Note: You can use it with any optimist that depends on interactions, such as slash commands, buttons, select menus and others

    📖 If you want to know all the details of the package

    📦 Installation

    You can start install the package on your project:

    npm install discord-modal
    yarn add discord-modal
    pnpm add discord-modal
    • CommonJS
    const DiscordModal = require('discord-modal')
    • ESM
    import DiscordModal from 'discord-modal';
    • To associate the package with your bot

    📜 Example

    import {DiscordModal,ModalBuilder,ModalField} from 'discord-modal';
    const client = new Discord.Client({ 
      intents: ['GUILDS', 'GUILD_MESSAGES']//Set the intentions you want
    client.on('ready', () =>  console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag} (${})`));
    //This action is mandatory in order to be able to connect the bot with the package
      if(interaction.commandName == "ping"){
         const modal_data = new ModalBuilder()
         .setTitle("Submit a support rank")
           new ModalField()
           .setLabel("what is your real name?")
           .setPlaceholder("Enter your real name here")
           .setRequired(true),//Its default value is false,
           new ModalField()
           .setLabel("What is your favorite identity?")
           new ModalField()
           .setLabel("Write a story from your life")
           .setPlaceholder("write here")
 , modal_data) 
     if(interaction.customId == 'submit_a_support_rank1'){
       await interaction.deferReply()
       let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
       .setTitle('Submit a support rank')
       .addField('Your real name', '\`\`\`' + interaction.fields.getTextInputValue("name") + '\`\`\`')
       .addField('Your favorite identity', '\`\`\`' + interaction.fields.getTextInputValue("favorite") + '\`\`\`')
       .addField('Story of your life', '\`\`\`' +interaction.fields.getTextInputValue("story")+ '\`\`\`')
       await interaction.editReply({embeds:[embed]})
    client.login("your bot token")

    🖼️ Pictures in the form of the code above this ↓

    enter image description here

    📩 Send Modal

    • To send the Modal you need to execute an interaction before and the Modal to send. The client is automatically assigned a property which will allow you to send the Modal

    • Following the previous example where a Modal was created, we would send the Modal as follows:

    client.modal.send(interaction, modal_data)

    📑 Documentation

    🔗 Useful Links

    👋 If you have a problem or have a suggestion,

    ☑️ License

    Refer to the LICENSE file.


    npm i discord-modal

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