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    Discord-features-handler is a handler for discord commands, slash commands and discord events that allows you to easily start creating command and events files to interact with discord.js and connect to discord api to easily create your own discord.js bot without the worrying of how to setup and run the commands and events files.

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    • Command Handler
    • Slash Command Handler
    • Events Handler
    • Modules Handler
    • Pre-Made Reload Command
    • Pre-made Help Command
    • Unhandled Rejection Handler
    • String.prototype.toProperCase()
    • Array.prototype.Random()


    Here is github repository of mine where a discord bot is created using DiscordFeaturesHandler.

    Discord Bot using DiscordFeaturesHandler


    Installing DiscordFeaturesHandler

      npm install discord-features-handler


    Here is a basic example of how to setup discord-features-handler. A simple example with only the essentials to get a bot up and running:

    const { Client, Intents } = require("discord.js");
    const DiscordFeaturesHandler = require("discord-features-handler");
    const client = new Client({
      intents: [...],
      partials: [...],
    DiscordFeaturesHandler(client,  {
      mainDirectory: __dirname,
      config: "./config.js",

    The intents are gateway intents are what discord gives for bot developers access to events based on what data it need for their function. You can find the list of intents here. You can read more about intents in the docs.You should enable all partials for your use cases, as missing one then the event does not get emitted. You can read more about partials in the docs.

    DiscordFeaturesHandler Properties

    Thees are the properties of the DiscordFeaturesHandler

    Property Type Default Description
    client Client "" Discord Client Object
    options Object {...} Object that contains parameters to configure DiscordFeaturesHandler


    Here are the some parameters of options Object. For a full list please check out the documentation.

    Parameter Type Required Default Description
    mainDirectory string true "" The absolute path to the directory containing the executing main script file. Expected Value: __dirname
    config string false "./config" The path to your configuration file. Default value is path to default configuration file provided.
    BOT_TOKEN string true "" This is your bot token that you can find in your Discord Developer Portal. This is required to login to your discord bot.
    commandDir string false "commands" Folder name of your command folder that contains sub-folders which contains the command files. The sub-folders are the category names of the command inside those folders. Default folder name is: commands.
    eventDir string false "events" Folder name of your event folder containing discord event files. Default folder name is: events.
    modulesDir string false "modules" Folder name of your module folder that contains your module files. Default folder name is: modules.
    modulesPreloadTime number false 5000 Establish a waiting time to connect to the Discord API and load the data required for the module files. The time value is in milliseconds. You can set the time based off how many files in the module folder requires access to the API. Default time in milliseconds is 5000.

    Commands Properties

    The properties that are required to have when creating a command file

    Property Type Default Description
    name string "" name of your command
    description string "" description of your command
    aliases Array [""] aliases of the command, you must set []
    guildOnly bool false If command is guild only (not a DM command)
    permission number "" Permission level required to use command
    minArgs number "" Minimum number of arguments required for command execution
    maxArgs number "" Maximum number of arguments required for command execution
    usage string "" Show how to use the command arguments in the command call
    execute(message, args, client, level) func "" Functionality and response of the command call. Parameters are message object, arguments array, client Object, and user's permission level

    Slash Command Properties

    The properties that are required to have when creating a slash command file The properties of all command listed above and the following:

    Property Type Default Description
    slash bool false State if this command is a slash command
    slashOptions JSON object "" OPTIONAL: Options properties of a slash command, documentation can be found here. Discord Developer Doc
    interactionReply(interaction, client, level) func "" Functionality and response of the slash command call. Parameters are interaction and client Object, and user's permission level

    Discord Event File

    When creating a discord event file in your events folder, will required the following properties:

    Property Type Default Description
    name string "" Discord Event Name. List of names can be found here.
    once bool false if the event should run once on first trigger or on every event trigger
    execute (client, ...params) func "" Functionality and response of the discord event trigger. Params are parameters of the event you are defining.

    Modules Files

    You can create a plain module.exports file in your modules folder. The only parameter being passed in is the client object. No properties are required to be defined.

      module.exports = (client) => {
        // do something

    Built-in functions


    This add a new function to a String constructor object where you can make all the first letter of a word in that object, capitalize.

    const str = "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog";
    //expected output: "A Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog"


    This add a new function to a Array constructor object where in returns a random element in the array.

    const arr = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e'];
    //expected output is either: a, b, c, d, or e


    ⚠️ Catches unhandled promise rejections

    This handles and console.log any unhandled errors. Which are methods that are missing .catch(e) that causes to crashes the bot. This function prevent the crash and handles it by console logging it.

    process.on("unhandledRejection", (e) => {

    The following functions can be overwritten by re-defining

    If you create a new client.<functionName> you can override then existing function with the new function.

    client.getPermissionsLevel ( parameter )

    ⚠️ Please do not override unless you are creating your own permission level configuration with a different approach then this handler uses!

    This parameter is either an interaction object or message object, based off the command type and which type of command was called. This function returns a permission level based off the config.js file.


    When overriding this will override the handler and commands will not load!

    This function handles load the command


    When overriding this will override the handler and commands may be able to unload to reload the new command file!

    Unload the command, by clearing the cache so you can reload the command with a new command file.

    client.commands and client.aliases

    DO NOT OVERRIDE: This saves all the properties of the command files so that we can load the commands for you

    These are Discord.Collection object that contains the command and aliases information to handle loading commands and executing them based off their properties


    The official documentation can be found here: DiscordFeaturesHandler Documentation

    You can read all the version and changes history here: ChangeLog

    Bug and Issues

    If you found and bug and issues please report the issue and provide steps to reproducible bugs/issues.


    When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue before making a change or PR.


    discord-features-handler allows you to create the command and event files by using the pre-define properties with the respective command name or event name (event name associated with the event, such as ready, messageCreate, messageUpdate, or interactionCreate as listed on discord.js documentation. This help the developer focus on creating features and functions for their discord bot without worrying about how to connect to the Discord API using discord.js.

    This is my first npm package that I created due to having three bots that I have created for different purposes and using the same formats. Feel free to check this package out, contribute, PR and send any issues that you come across!

    Privacy Concerns

    We do not save or maintain any information of your bot token. Discord-Features-Handler requires your bot token, to allow async/await tasks inside the modules folder, which can enables databases connection such as for MongoDB. For MongoDB to work and allowing it to post and update channels. We need all our discord events, ready event and bot to be logged in to be able to connect to the servers which uses the databases and display the information when bot starts up.




    npm i discord-features-handler

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