Tiny tiny duck typing utility


Tiny tiny Library to check object types. Works in node and your browser.

Use it like this:





is(var, Object)

all are equally valid, but note that is.object will have more checks that is(var, Object). You can also do:

 is(var) to get it's type
 is(var1,var2,var3,Array) to check several variables at the same time
<script type="text/javascript" src="dis"></script>


var is = require('dis');

note: I use "is" because it's shorter and more explicative. This is how I had named the plugin originally, but the name was not available on npm, so I had to revert to something else. the original "is" plugin is available http://github.com/enricomarino/is. It's sorta similar, but has more functions, and a different API. See if you like it better.

 is.object(var): checks if var is a plain object
 is.array(var): checks if var is an array
 is.boolean(var): checks if var is a boolean
 is.function(var): checks if var is a function
 is.string(var): checks if var is a string
 is.empty(var): checks if var is defined, an empty string, an array with no length, or an empty object
 is.defined(var): checks if var is null or undefined
 is.number(var): checks if var is a number
 is.numeric(var): checks if var is numeric (if it can be considered a number despite being another type)
 is.integer(var): checks if var is an integer
 is.HTMLCollection(var): checks if var is the result of a selector (browser only of course).                       
 is.arguments(var): checks if var is an arguments object
 is.node(var): checks if var is a dom node (browser only)
 is.regexp(var): checks if var is a regular expression
 is.same(var, var...): checks if all passed variables have the same type, without specifying the type
 is.referenced(var): checks if var is passed by reference (aka, object, array, etc) or by value (string or number)
 is.type(var): returns the type of var
 is(var): same as above
 is(var,type): checks if "var" is of type "type"
 is(var, var..., type): bundles is(var,type) and is.same. Checks if all passed vars have the same type and finally checks the type