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    DigiByte JS

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    A pure and powerful JavaScript DigiByte library forked from Bitpay's Bitcore Lib library.

    DigiByte is a powerful peer-to-peer platform for the next generation of financial technology. The decentralized nature and the speed of the DigiByte network allows for highly resilient software infrastructure, and the developer community needs reliable, open-source tools to implement DigiByte apps and services.

    Get Started 📦

    npm install digibyte-js

    Documentation & Examples 📖

    You can find all the documentation here

    Recent Changes 🧙

    Last modifications to the packages since v1.2.0

    • Sign Digi-ID with specific private key
    • Fixed Digi-ID bug on browser
    • Start transition from native addresses to new name mulsig or script.
    • DigiID variables attribute changed to params

    Development 🛠️

    git clone https://github.com/RenzoDD/digibyte-js
    cd digibyte-js
    npm install

    Building the Browser Bundle

    To build a digibyte-js full bundle for the browser:

    npm install -g browserify
    npm run build

    This will generate a file named digibyte.js.

    Security 🛡️

    We're using DigiByte JS in production, as are many others, but please use common sense when doing anything related to finances! We take no responsibility for your implementation decisions.

    Projects using DigiByte JS:

    If you find any flaw or trouble please submit a new thread on Github Issues

    Donate 💰

    Bitcoin - 15uUy4DVhD15Fi5oSS92cQwn5dJUpod1i9 Litecoin - LddizHXyCtqHAbwP4dMpQoH5G8kVm2Jx4Y Bitcoin Cash - bitcoincash:qplt3dd2hgg0sj8v4zte9unmvk79nadlkc59vgkgq2 Dogecoin - DGZXxRAC57vxs4nnPHD5APbNgpY3LbKS2p Dash - XyJLBuWEkkEeDVUquP6iViw47xAECPapLQ DigiByte - DCxo6SCKMdyoUpyYydqG3prC3e4NNCy5nG

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    License 📄

    Code released under the MIT License.


    npm i digibyte-js

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