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Parse dates in all the formats humans like to use:

  • today/tomorrow/yesterday
  • next/this/last Wednesday
  • 12th January
  • 12th January 1950
  • 09-08-2008
  • 2008-08-09

Return dates in just the format that computers should use:

  • 2008-08-09

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$ npm install dehumanize-date


A simple function which takes a string as an argument and returns a string in the form yyyy-mm-dd.

var date = dehumanizeDate(userInput);

The second parameter contains options. You can set whether to use US-style short dates, you can change what 'now' is for input like 'yesterday', and you can change the cutoff for 2-digit years that determines whether a given two-digit year is in the 21st or 20th century.

var date = dehumanizeDate(userInput, {usa: true, now: new Date(), cutoff: 80});

If you just want to use US formats for numerical dates you can also pass true as the second parameter:

var date = dehumanizeDate(userInput, true);