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    DeckDeckGo - Webpack Plugins

    This project is a collection of custom Webpack plugins used to build a DeckDeckGo presentation.

    Table of contents

    Webpack Markdown Plugin

    This Webpack plugin has for goal to convert your presentation written in Markdown to HTML including the DeckDeckGo tags and markers.

    For the Markdown parsing itself, the remarkable parser is used under the hood. In the particular case of this plugin, it will be extended in order to enhance it with the following abilities:

    1. Parse all images with lazy loading support
    2. Allow the parsing of Ionic and DeckDeckGo html tags

    Webpack Info Plugin

    This Webpack plugin is a simple plugin which has for goal to display some information after the build has completed.

    Webpack Notes Plugin

    This Webpack plugin has for goal to remove your notes from your presentation, notably useful when you will run a production build before publishing your presentation online.

    Getting Started

    If you would like to install and compile locally this project, proceed as following:

    git clone
    cd deckdeckgo/webcomponents/webpack
    npm install
    npm run build


    MIT © David Dal Busco and Nicolas Mattia


    npm i deckdeckgo-webpack-plugins

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