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Datadog Lambda Library for Node.js (16.x, 18.x, and 20.x) enables enhanced Lambda metrics, distributed tracing, and custom metric submission from AWS Lambda functions.


Follow the installation instructions, and view your function's enhanced metrics, traces and logs in Datadog.


Follow the configuration instructions to tag your telemetry, capture request/response payloads, filter or scrub sensitive information from logs or traces, and more.

For additional tracing configuration options, check out the official documentation for Datadog trace client.

Besides the environment variables supported by dd-trace-js, the datadog-lambda-js library added following environment variables.

Environment Variables Description Default Value
DD_ENCODE_AUTHORIZER_CONTEXT When set to true for Lambda authorizers, the tracing context will be encoded into the response for propagation. Supported for NodeJS and Python. true
DD_DECODE_AUTHORIZER_CONTEXT When set to true for Lambdas that are authorized via Lambda authorizers, it will parse and use the encoded tracing context (if found). Supported for NodeJS and Python. true
DD_COLD_START_TRACING Set to false to disable Cold Start Tracing. Used in NodeJS and Python. true
DD_MIN_COLD_START_DURATION Sets the minimum duration (in milliseconds) for a module load event to be traced via Cold Start Tracing. Number. 3
DD_COLD_START_TRACE_SKIP_LIB optionally skip creating Cold Start Spans for a comma-separated list of libraries. Useful to limit depth or skip known libraries. ./opentracing/tracer
DD_CAPTURE_LAMBDA_PAYLOAD [Captures incoming and outgoing AWS Lambda payloads][1] in the Datadog APM spans for Lambda invocations. false
DD_CAPTURE_LAMBDA_PAYLOAD_MAX_DEPTH Determines the level of detail captured from AWS Lambda payloads, which are then assigned as tags for the aws.lambda span. It specifies the nesting depth of the JSON payload structure to process. Once the specified maximum depth is reached, the tag's value is set to the stringified value of any nested elements beyond this level.
For example, given the input payload:
"lv1" : {
"lv2": {
"lv3": "val"
If the depth is set to 2, the resulting tag's key is set to function.request.lv1.lv2 and the value is {\"lv3\": \"val\"}.
If the depth is set to 0, the resulting tag's key is set to function.request and value is {\"lv1\":{\"lv2\":{\"lv3\": \"val\"}}}

Lambda Profiling Beta

Datadog's Continuous Profiler is now available in beta for NodeJS in version 6.87.0 and layer version 87 and above. This optional feature is enabled by setting the DD_PROFILING_ENABLED environment variable to true. During the beta period, profiling is available at no additional cost.

Major Version Notes


The 5.x.x release introduces version 2 of the Datadog tracer, dd-trace-js. This includes a few breaking changes, and the migration guide found here.

The first 5.x.x version was released with Lambda Layer version 69.


The 6.x.x release introduces support for the node 16 runtime and esm modules.


The 7.x.x release drops support for Node12, and upgrades dd-trace-js to version 3.x

There is a full migration guide available here. Some changes are more likely to impact Serverless users:

  • HTTP Operation Name Changed. HTTP requests will no longer appear as a separate client under *-http-client, which polluted the APM service catalog.
  • tracer.currentSpan() has been deprecated for a long time, and is now removed.
  • tracer.bindEmitter() is similarly removed after being deprecated.
  • It is no longer possible to bind promises or event emitters with tracer.scope().bind(...)

Opening Issues

If you encounter a bug with this package, we want to hear about it. Before opening a new issue, search the existing issues to avoid duplicates.

When opening an issue, include the Datadog Lambda Layer version, Node version, and stack trace if available. In addition, include the steps to reproduce when appropriate.

You can also open an issue for a feature request.


If you find an issue with this package and have a fix, please feel free to open a pull request following the procedures.


For product feedback and questions, join the #serverless channel in the Datadog community on Slack.


Unless explicitly stated otherwise all files in this repository are licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.

This product includes software developed at Datadog ( Copyright 2019 Datadog, Inc.




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