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Dark Sky CLI App

A simple CLI App to fetch weather data from DarkSky in a way you can easily read

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  • You can get current, today and weekly weather data
  • You can easily add, delete and switch to any location
  • Colorized output for UV, Temperature, Pressure and Precipation types
  • Pressure levels compare previous levels and shows changes

How To Install:

Using NPM

npm i -g dark-sky-app


  • Download the latest release
  • Within the directory, from your terminal
    • npm install
    • npm link (might ask for permission depending on your OS)

How To Use:

You can run the app with ds command.

In order to start using app, you need a free DarkSky API token. You can get one from DarkSky API page for free for 1000 api calls a day.

Available Commands:

Command Description
ds -a --add Adds a new location
ds -g --get Gets a saved location
ds -d --delete Deletes a location
ds -c --current Shows current weather
ds -t --today Shows todays weather
ds -w --week Shows weekly weather
ds -s --settings Shows settings as JSON
ds -h --help Shows help

How To Contribute

Please feel free to contribute!

  • Create issues for both issues and feature requests
  • Create pull requests to develop for anything listed in issues
    • Please use prefixes such as Add, Fix, Update etc. before your commit message
    • Please be brief about your commit message


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