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A quirky Discord bot made for single, small, private servers

Requires node 8.2.1 or newer

  1. Install: npm install d-bot
  2. Set up: config.json
  3. Run: start bot.bat
  4. ???: profit


This bot was created for a small server I share with my friends. Running it on multiple servers may have unintended side-effects. You probably don't want to install this bot anyway.

But, I do think it's a halfway decent framework for a bot, and there are some interesting addons. Take a look at the code!

This bot logs messages, and has several commands that interact with those logs. Currently, this will not work for any messages sent before installing D-Bot, or any sent while D-Bot is offline. I plan to implement history crawling at some point.


Rename config_example.json to config.json

The config file is mostly optional things. You can remove any optional property you don't need.


  • token string - Your bot's token. A long string of letters and numbers.
  • owner string - Your Discord ID. Not your user tag, but your actual numeric ID
  • prefixes array - Array of strings to prefix your commands with. You can have just one, or many, but they can only be one character each.


  • adminRole string - Role ID for users permitted to perform admin-like commands such as editing channels.
  • privateChannels array - Array of channel ID strings that are ignored when commands such as find or last are used outside of these channels. When such a command is used inside a private channel, only messages from within that channel are searched.
  • noLogServers array - Array of server ID strings that D-Bot will not log messages for
  • noLogChannels array - Array of channel ID strings that D-Bot will not log messages for
  • allowCustomColors boolean - If true, users can set their username color with the color command
  • minecraft object - Contains IP and port for a Minecraft server to check the status of
  • mumble object - If you have a CommandChannel Mumble server, input your e-mail and API key to check the status
  • starbound object - If you have a Starbound server with Multiplay, paste in your server status image URL
  • 7d object - If you have a 7 Days to Die server, input the server IP and telnet info (see serverconfig.xml)
  • debugChannel string - Channel ID to simulate when running the debug script.
  • userAliases object - Lists of alternate names that users go by, for username lookups within the bot and for getting the username of a user no longer in the server. Property name should be the user ID, value should be an array of strings.
  • timezones object - Time zones used with the time command. Property names should be IANA time zone names, and the values are aliases shown by the command.

And Also

Eternal thanks and respect to Izy521 for his awesome library, discord.io, and all the assistance he has provided

Shout-outs to F&A!


npm i d-bot

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