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Cylon.js For Skynet

Cylon.js ( is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This repository contains the Cylon adaptor for the Skynet ( machine to machine instant messaging open source software.

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For more information about Cylon, check out our repo at

How to Install

Install the module with:

$ npm install cylon cylon-skynet

How to Use

var Cylon = require("cylon");
  connections: {
    arduino: { adaptor: "firmata", port: "/dev/tty.usbmodem1411" },
    skynet: { adaptor: "skynet", uuid: "SKYNET_UUID", token: "SKYNET_TOKEN" }
  devices: {
    led: { driver: "led", pin: 13, connection: "arduino" }
  work: function(my) {
    my.skynet.on("message", function(data) {
      if ( === "on") {
      } else if ( === "off") {

How to Connect

First, you need to register a device on the Skynet network. You can do this with a curl command similar to this one:

$ curl -X POST

This will return the new registration information for the device, most importantly the uuid and token:

{"geo":{"range":[1344446976,1344447487],"country":"ES","region":"56","city":"Cornellá De Llobregat","ll":[41.35,2.0833],"metro":0},"ipAddress":"","online":false,"timestamp":"2015-03-05T14:35:23.638Z","uuid":"db895340-c344-11e4-9f09-df7578d68eac","token":"d0a9f0d7e321657a38d25dd492492ffed0baf773"}


We're busy adding documentation to our web site at please check there as we continue to work on Cylon.js

Thank you!


For our contribution guidelines, please go to .

Release History

For the release history, please go to .


Copyright (c) 2013-2015 The Hybrid Group. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.