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CSV and object generation

This package provides a flexible generator of CSV strings and Javascript objects implementing the Node.js stream.Readable API.

Documentation for the "csv-generate" package is available here.

Features includes:

  • random or pseudo-random seed based generation
  • stream.Readable implementation
  • BSD License


Run npm install csv to install the full csv module or run npm install csv-generate if you are only interested by the CSV generator.

Use the callback style API for simplicity or the stream based API for scalability.

Using the callback API

The parser receive a string and return an array inside a user-provided callback. This example is available with the command node samples/callback.js.

var generate = require('csv-generate');
generate({seed: 1, columns: 2, length: 2}, function(err, output){

Using the stream API

// node samples/stream.js
var generate = require('csv-generate');
var data = []
var generator = generate({seed: 1, objectMode: true, columns: 2, length: 2});
generator.on('readable', function(){
generator.on('error', function(err){
generator.on('end', function(){
  data.should.eql([ [ 'OMH', 'ONKCHhJmjadoA' ],[ 'D', 'GeACHiN' ] ]);

Using the pipe function

One usefull function part of the Stream API is pipe to interact between multiple streams. You may use this function to pipe a stream.Readable string source to a stream.Writable object destination. The next example available as node samples/pipe.js read the file, parse its content and transform it.

// node samples/pipe.js
var generate = require('csv-generate');
var generator = generate({columns: ['int', 'bool'], length: 2});


Most of the generator is imported from its parent project CSV in a effort to split it between the generator, the parser, the transformer and the stringifier.


Tests are executed with mocha. To install it, simple run npm install followed by npm test. It will install mocha and its dependencies in your project "node_modules" directory and run the test suite. The tests run against the CoffeeScript source files.

To generate the JavaScript files, run npm run coffee.

The test suite is run online with Travis against the versions 0.9, 0.10 and 0.11 of Node.js.



npm i csv-generate

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