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A cleaned up combination of Eric Meyer's Reset CSS 2.0 and Nicolas Gallagher's normalize.css with some optional flavor.

npm Package Version MIT License


Packages can be installed via npm or bower:

  • npm install css-reset-and-normalize
  • bower install css-reset-and-normalize


Sources are available in stylus or generated css including minified versions.

<link…> or @import the minified or unminified css version:

  • css/reset-and-normalize.min.css
  • css/reset-and-normalize.css

Or with some additional flavor:

  • css/flavored-reset-and-normalize.min.css
  • css/flavored-reset-and-normalize.css

Or @require the stylus versions:

  • stylus/reset-and-normalize.styl
  • stylus/flavored-reset-and-normalize.styl

Differences from Reset 2.0

  • Removed hgroup from all selectors as it is not included in the HTML5 specification anymore
  • Added main to basic reset
  • Added main and summary to HTML5 display-role reset selector

Differences from normalize.css 3.2.2

  • Removed everything that is already covered or overwritten by Reset:
    • HTML5 display-role reset
    • h1: font-size, margin
    • sub, sup: vertical-align
    • figure: margin
    • code, kbd, pre, samp: font-size
    • fieldset: border, margin, padding
    • table: border-collapse, border-spacing
    • td, th: padding
  • Removed vendor prefixes for box-sizing (autoprefixer handles that)
  • Set font-style: italic for i, em, resetted by basic reset

Optional additional flavor

  • Add rules for responsive @viewport
  • Set box-sizing:border-box for everything
  • Set help cursor for abbr
  • Remove default style for button
  • Add transparent tap highlight for iOS
  • iOS "clickable elements" fix for role="button"
  • Avoid 300ms click delay on touch devices that support the touch-action CSS property
  • Override the extra rounded corners on search inputs in iOS


I personally prefer normalizing over resetting in general. But when it comes to producing detailed custom styles for all elements, i find myself overwriting and resetting most rules, that were previously normalized. That's why I ended up with a combination of both: reset and normalize – with some optional flavor…


MIT © Simon Lepel 2015