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CS Tierlist

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Tierlists for many pattern-based CS skins. The list of supported skins and weapons is listed below.

This repository contains pre-generated tierlists in the generated folder and a NPM package as small wrapper for quick and simple usage in JavaScript/TypeScript projects.

📦 Credits

This repository is only a public data collection. I did not create the tierlists myself, credit goes to their original creators. The full guides and tierlists can be found here:

After careful consideration, I decided to accept the following proposed changes to the original tierlists:

  • CW Gloves
    • pattern 369 has been moved from tier 2 right hand to tier 3 double web thanks to a suggestion by @zada273 in Issue #1
    • pattern 936 has been added as a tier 2 double web thanks to a suggestion by @zada273 in Issue #1

⚙️ Usage

JavaScript/TypeScript (NPM)

Install the latest version for Node.js 18 as NPM package:

npm install cs-tierlist

Use the package in your own project and only import what you actually need:

// import the desired package
const { CrimsonM9Mapping, CyanbitKarambitMapping } = require("cs-tierlist");

// you can also dynamically generate the mapping
// this allows for enforced preloading of the tierlist
const cw_kara_mapping = generateMapping("karambit", "crimson_web", true);

// Get the pattern for a specific seed
const pattern2 = CrimsonM9Mapping.getPattern(2);

// Get the all patterns
const patterns = CyanbitKarambitMapping.getAllPatterns();

Other languages

This repository contains pre-generated tierlists in the generated folder. For example, the tierlist for the M9 Bayonet knives is located at generated/crimson_web_m9.json. Github provides raw links for each file in the repository without CORS restrictions.

Example in Python:

# import the requests library
import requests

# download the tierlist
m9_cw_tierlist = requests.get("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/godrums/cs-tierlist/main/generated/crimson_web_m9.json").json()

# get the pattern for a specific seed
pattern2 = m9_cw_tierlist["2"]

🗎 Raw Tierlist Format

When using the raw JSON-files, the format is as follows:

    [paint_seed: string]: {
        img?: string, // Optional Steam URL to the image
        type: string, // Type of the tier, e.g. "Double Web"
        tier: number, // Tier of the pattern, e.g. 1
        rank?: number, // Optional Rank of the pattern, e.g. 1

📝 Contributing

If you want to contribute to this repository, feel free to open a pull request. Please make sure to follow the existing structure and use the same format for the tierlists.

For new tierlists, it is required to submit at least one test-file under __tests__\modules for each tierlist and to include the test results in the pull request.

⌨️ Development


  • Node.js >=18.0.0
  • npm >=9.5.0
  • tsc >=4.7.0

Note that this project will not run on older versions of Node.js due to the usage of ES2022 features, such as the fetch-functionality.

Prepare your local setup via the following command:

npm install

After finishing your changes, make sure to format with Prettier:

npm run prettier

Clean the build folder and then build the project:

npm run clean
npm run build

And finally make sure the tests suites are passing:

npm run test

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